A mid-year reflection

Today is 30th June, 2012. The mark of the middle of the year. Half a year gone and I want to see if I have done some of the things I want to do. I wrote these on new year’s eve of 2012.

Actually, not resolutions but what I am going to do in 2012
1. Bitch more, speak my mind and don’t give a damn
2. Hang on to my Christian faith, never ignore that little inner voice
3. Make an effort to do what I had wanted to do in 2011 – Go for my retreat in Chiangmai
4. Accept that if I am still working in this job, I will not have time for church stuffs – Don’t do a half-hearted job ministering
5. Tell boring, annoying, irritating, useless, pain-in-the-arse people to go fly kite and stop being nice and sociable to them
6. Listen to my doctor to avoid dying young
7. Election or not, give the best for the state
8. Pamper self above all else
9. Accept that nothing is permanent, so enjoy it while it lasts
10.And screw you if you think I am selfish.

So, let’s see…

1. I am still sticking to my true colours. I still use the F words. And yes, for that I have kept resolution #1.

2. So far, I had attended a few powerful camps/formation/course and though they demanded some of my time, I will hang on and complete them. I am taking some course and part of them is very emotionally draining. Yes, reso #2 ok too.

3. I didn’t get to go for retreat yet. No one to take care of my kids for that long period. But for a start, I am going to Chiangmai. In July. A family trip rather than a retreat. So, who knows..it is a start. Yes, #3 almost there.

4. I had wanted to return to CEC. But a friend reminded me that I am moving homes so I better don’t stressed myself out with the rare weekends. #4 pending

5. Yes, I still tell people to fark off. Especially people who do not know me and yet, thinks they know everything about me. Get lost, go away, out of my face, I don’t need you. #5 ladidaaa

6. Still going for my routine blood test, bla bla bla long advices from doc. So, yes to #6

7. Election no sign yet. Working hard for the State yes. But two days ago, kena kick in the gut. But hey, let’s fight back and work even harder. So, yeah, #7 is going great.

8. Pampering self but also questioning if I am doing enough. So, yes, must buy more shoes. 🙂 #8 must be increased

9. Just a reminder to self. Nothing is permanent.

10. Yes, screw you. Especially those assholes who dedicated long, long blog posts about me. Fuck off and may you die in a pile of shits. Except that you cannot die yet so you have to sniff the smell forever. I am very angry but anger is a good feelings. It can propel people forward. To become better. So to those assholes, I love you much much for the hate you spewed about me.