The rewards of parenting

Though I have so many boys, I am afraid that none of them show any interest in sports. So, whenever there are any major sports events like the Olympics, World Cup, Wimbledon and etc, my poor hubby has to watch alone.

However, he is now a very happy dad because of a 9 years old who insisted to stay up to watch the Euro 2012 with him. It is so heart warming to see both father and son snoring away in the living room sofa while waiting for the game to start.

The attraction to football and sports do not end with just watching the game on TV. A couple of days ago, my boy wanted to buy the newspapers. It is a surprise to me because we do not subscribe or buy newspapers anymore.

He told his dad he wants to read the sports news. For a child who is only 9 years old, he certainly has very good command of the English language. I was full of pride when he sat at the cafe during breakfast, engrossed in the sports news.

Back home, he continued reading the rest and discussed with his father about the number of fouls the Italy side had during Euro 2012. I know that I have given birth to a smart boy. He could concentrate on the long stories and make analyses out of what he read.

I silently thank all the goodness I had imparted to him, whether in my womb or as a growing baby. Though I am not entirely an advocate for supplements and ‘brain foods’, I did diligently take good, nutritious foods and ensure my son received equal goodness as he was growing up. I certainly didn’t rely on just one thing as the answer to his brain development needs.

I had gone through all the chapters of ‘How to have a smarter baby’ and followed all the development milestones activities in childcare books. Therefore, the alphabets like DHA and nutrients like Gangliosides are not something uncommon to me. I know that both of these nutrients have important roles in the brain – they can complement each other. It’s like they work better together.

Now, I can see the reward of my parenting. With a child like my boy, I know I had done right. Young parents may find comfort that their loving and tender care for their child will bear fruits. Those who are interested to learn more about DHA and Gangliosides may want to surf to Anmum website –

Find out why it is important that we parents provide plenty of activities and stimulation for our children to develop themselves and also how DHA alone is not enough for optimal brain development. Our children also need other nutrients such as Gangliosides, that work together. What is Gangliosides? They are a special type of nutrient that is needed for the formation of brain cell connections. The more cell connect the faster the learning. You can read more about them at Anmum website and how Anmum Essential Growing Up Milk has a unique formulation that combines both DHA and Gangliosides.