Growing up then and now

I just read two articles about growing up in the 60s and 70s and can so relate to what was written. The writer talked about the simple life back then where children had plenty of space to explore and how they were much healthier than now.

Back then, life was of course much simpler. I don’t remember having to study that much nor did children had to attend tuition and extra classes. So childhood was about living the basic life.

Now, even if we want to give our children the same leisurely and languid lifestyle, we know they will need to master a lot more skills. We are living in the technology age and children have to keep up with more skills and talents or face peer pressures.

We are much more informed now due to scientific breakthrough and researches done. We know that we need to provide nutrients to our children for optimal brain development. We have discovered that DHA alone is not enough for optimal brain development. Yes it is a key building block of brain cells, but kids need more than that. Our children also need Gangliosides which is very important because they are involved in the formation of brain cell connections. Where there are more connections our kids learn faster. These two nutrients both have important roles – building and connecting… they work better together

From the TV advertisements and also the videos available on Youtube, parents that we need to give our children healthier foods to avoid them getting overweight. Gone were the days when they have a whole kampong to roam. Now, our children live a more sedentary lifestyle. So, we have to make sure that their growing up milk do not make them unduly overweight. Opt for something with no added sugars like Anmum Essential which is a unique formula for growing up children.

The new Anmum Essential formulation helps provide all that our children need with more DHA and more Gangliosides . The plus point is this growing up milk has no added sugars, so we can be assured that they get what they need. Parents can get more information on

My son who is nine years old is engrossed with National Geographic, Animal Planet and other documentaries. He doesn’t limit himself to only watching cartoons. So, kids nowadays probably are much more intelligent than kids from the 60s and 70s. With all the information available on TV, books and internet, our kids certainly need all the brain power they can get to absorb these information.

Now when I make a comparison of living in the 60s and 2012, I see positive and negative points for both eras. Although kids did have a good time exploring the surroundings on their own, kids nowadays explore the whole world. Kids may have had a good time playing in the kampungs but kids nowadays can assemble all kinds of things including robotics. Though they had a much easier time in school, kids nowadays have the chance to learn extra lessons because these are available to them.

So, growing up then and now have its pros and cons.