Moving is therapeutic

I am moving again. I find it so therapeutic rummaging through my stuffs, throwing away some, keeping some and pondering long and hard whether to throw or to keep the rest.

Three years ago, we decided we want to find a huge house with a big kitchen so that my two older sons can experiment with their baking and cooking. So, we rented on in Tanjung Bungah.

Time flies. Now the sons have enough of experimenting. One is leaving for Germany for his internship. Another one is leaving for his management training in China.

We do not want to live in a 5-rooms house, just the four of us. So we decided to take back our old apartment and stay there for a few months until our new Oasis is ready.

Each time I move, I see changes in our lives. I moved when I was single. I moved when I was living together with the husband. I moved when we were married and could afford an apartment of our own. We moved when we had our second baby to a bigger apartment. We moved yet again when we had our 3rd son. And we moved when we had our 5th baby.

In fact, I moved in to the apartment right from the hospital with Matthew in my arms, freshly delivered.

All these packing takes time and I used it to reflect on life in general while stuffing things into boxes. I can only praise God that life has been good to me. We don’t move to bigger and bigger properties but we live comfortably. We are all in the family.

I love moving houses. Although the chores of cleaning, packing and unpacking and money spent on renovation, buying new furnitures and etc can be quite a nightmare, I love the adventure.

There is nothing like camping at the new place and waking up in the morning in a new place. It is like being reborn again.

This time, all my sons are old enough to pack their stuffs and help paint the rooms and do lots of stuffs.

Our next moving will be to our new place in The Oasis. God’s willing, we are starting there with everything new. And I wonder when we will move again after that? Life is uncertain, don’t plan too far. Leave it to God. Just be thankful for the day and God will take care of the rest.