Today is 1st of October and finally we can officially say we have completed moving. It has taken us a full month to move. I think we threw away 30% of our belongings, many of them still in working order.

Of course, throwing doesn’t mean dispose those things as thrash. Instead, we got a trash lorry to come to our rented house whenever they are free to take away our unwanted things.

They were a happy lot cos many of the things are still useable or sellable. It was a win-win situation and glad that part sort of solve itself as we do not have time transporting stuffs to salvation army or any charity. Plus in the process, they helped to throw the rubbish away while salvaging whatever they like.

Now, I am sitting on a bean bag in the living room. Staying in an apartment is good because I am never too far away from people. I wouldn’t dare to do that, ie sitting in the living downstairs while everyone else are upstairs. It is not only spooky, it is scary too. Thieves have broken into our house before and it is no joking matter to visualise some strange people walking around with our sharp, pointy sushi knife. We found the knife in our backyard the next day.

There are still several boxes that aren’t unpack yet. God knows when we can finish unpacking and storing those things away. Life is still a mess. But at least our kitchen is functionable and we can cook and eat.

I ended up with 2 days MC because I over exert during the main moving day. Though we hired a lorry with four assistants, there were things that I wanted to move myself. Lucky the backache wasn’t bad and now I have excuse not to carry anything heavy or do any heavy chores. It is always, “OH my doctor say he is going to send me to physio if I get another backache.” So, I get to sit down like a sloth.

So, 1st October, 2012 – We are back to our old apartment. We save RM1,200 in rental, another RM300 in housekeeping charge cos our relative has stopped working. Told my sons they can have the money if they keep the house clean without Ah Mik our relative. At least my little boy now knows how to wash his plates and cups after a meal. And mop the floor too.

The place here is sooo much cooler than our rented terrace house in Tanjung Bungah and we do not need the aircond on most nights and most days. We can easily save another RM200 in electricity. Our previous place we use RM400+ per month of electricity. Now we have shut down one of our two fridges cos we don’t need to use it.

Both hubby and I also saved a lot in petrol as he is nearer to the bridge while I am nearer to Komtar by half the distance.

So, yes, to another six wonderful months before we settle down at the new condo in Oasis. *cheers!*

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