Phweet! I survived without a house helper

My relative has helped out at my house for a long time. I think it is more than 16 years already. She used to come twice a week to clean our house. So, we were spoilt, i.e. if we know she is coming the next day, we will say ‘tomolo ah mik coming, no need to wash plates!’

Changing bedsheets, washing toilets, cleaning kitchen and etc were not chores I am used to perform. Never had to do them when I was young, never need to do them much cos there is always the hubby who is stronger, hands not sensitive as mine or some other excuses. Or allergic to chemicals bla bla bla….

You know…lazy people can find a lot of excuses not to work. And smart women like me know how to worm my way out with my charm or ‘I so poor, my palm skin peels if I touch chemicals’ whines.

I remember that there were stages in my life when I was forced to keep a clean floor. You know..those months when your babies were learning to crawl or some will pick tiny pieces of things and keep their mouths or those clumsy ones who do not know how to crawl on all fours but drag themselves, making like their chest is a mop. Then, those times I had to mop and sweep floor diligently.

I had a conversation with a person the other day and she was surprised I don’t get my children to do housework. She asked me why not? I told her cos I hate housework and we have a helper so there wasn’t an urgent need to get them to do it. It is not that they do not know how to do it. It is just not a necessity.

And God knows why suddenly, out of the blue, a day that I never anticipate or visualise, my relative said she can’t work anymore due to health reason. And here I am….

No helper. But thank God our apartment is now 900 sq ft only and it is ok to be messy a bit.

Just now I just swept the floor, mop it, wash all the kitchen rags, change the floor mats etc etc.

So yeah, Chan Lilian is utterly proud that she can actually survives without a helper. My little boy now washes up his own dirty plates and he doesn’t leave a cup all over the house after he drank water.

Cheers to self! Silly but at almost 50, I am proud I can do housework.

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  1. Thank god you are posting again.. Missed your blogs A LOT!

    p/S: I dont like doing housework too.. =)

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