That thing call faith

I told a group of 13 years old – We can teach you about the religion but faith, you have to discover it yourself.

Some of them get the meaning of faith. Some give a blur look but I am pretty sure they know what faith is but just cant find the word to describe it.

However, many of us probably never know what faith is even when it slammed into us.

It will be kind of sad if one doesn’t have faith. Faith is what keeps hope alive, and keeps us living a full life.

I have faith in friends, strangers, situations, nature and of course, all boils down to Jesus.

Some examples are

  • when I ran out of petrol, I have faith Jesus will not let me get stranded and I will go an extra mile till I have time to pump
  • when I think someone is good, I have faith Jesus will show me the dark side if any before things screwed up
  • when I am venturing into something, I have faith Jesus will smoothen the path or put a big obstacle to tell me to turn back
  • when I think I want to serve the community/church, I will jump in and I have faith Jesus will make every impossible thing into workable and do-able thing
  • when I am feeling rotten and think things will get worse, I will tell myself, nay….dont worry so much about it because Jesus will settle it for you

Maybe I have a naive outlook, maybe I am loved by God to have a big dose of faith, maybe I like to escape and being irresponsible and pile things on a God we can’t see.  But maybe I am really in Christ and faith comes to me naturally.


Looking back, being in Christ has left me less insecure because there is always a Saviour in the shadows to pull me out of deep waters.  I have a Counsellor to guide me from getting into trouble.  I have a Comforter to sooth the fears and pains.  I have the One God which is synonymous with faith.


In this Year of Faith, Catholics are called to pray , “Lord, increase my faith”.  Amen.