One dark stormy night…..

..and I am happy to announce that my blog is no longer Google slapped.

What is Google slapped? It is when Google took me off from their radar because I breached their policy of selling paid links. Tralalalala…*innocent look*

Taken one hot afternoon.
Taken one hot afternoon.

So, for the past year or so, my blog can’t be found on Google. Searches from other search engines are low. Therefore, there isn’t much reason to write cos low traffic = no money = no followers = write for what, ghost read meh?

These past weeks, I have been wondering if I should come back to blogging. Sometimes, the things that swim in my mind are too much for Facebook. Plus Facebook gives people the familiarity that every single thing I wrote, it is their right to response.

Many times, I just want to express things, I don’t want to hear responses. But when people are the so-called ‘friends’, they take it for granted that they can tell you their opinions.

My obnoxious behaviour is – Dont talk to me unless I want you to talk. Otherwise, just shut up. If not, it is very very annoying.

With elections coming, I found that it is not as fun this time. In the last elections, it was more of venturing into unknown territory. We did not know the outcome and we simply rushed in without expecting much political tsunami.

It was more like a wishful thinking, fairytale like whereby we aimed for the sky and we didn’t expect anything.

However, this elections has become too competitive. Now, we have slogans, mob mentalities, colours, organised groups and there is only one ultimatum – Tumbang BN. Suddenly, it is no longer fun because there is the do or die expectations.

Many people took it like it is the end of the world kinda tension. People get nervous, people get defensive if we so much as suggest they may not win, people did a lot of other things which I couldn’t mention. It is just so sickening.

I am tired of this elections and the angsty feelings from every side. I want it to faster end so that we can continue living our normal lives and wait for another five years of elections.

I hope everyone can chill and stop thinking – If you are not with me, you are against me. These stupid tensions from many people have robbed of their human side.

I say – win or lose, life goes on. Stay another five years and try again.

Having said all, I am very sure Penang will be hunky-dory with our current government. There is no other way about it. But I personally do not mind one or two Gerakan ADUNs and less UMNO ADUNs in our state assembly. And yeah, even if I express this opinion, people will start shoving their opinions again to me – that Gerakan is dead, Gerakan cannot win.

My question to them is never answered – Do you want a government where there is only one side? I.e. the ruling and no opposition? They can’t answer me. Do they want only UMNO and no other party? They also cannot answer me. Think. Don’t just parrot the same mantra without thinking of the big picture.

Anyway, it is really a dark stormy night with thunder blazing in the horizon where I can see both 1st and 2nd Penang Bridges. Awesome place I am staying now. Awesome life I have. Thank God for that.

And don’t push your political thoughts to me. I am not asking for any.

The Obnoxious 5xmom is back…..until she gets too lazy again.

4 thoughts on “One dark stormy night…..

  1. Do you want a government where there is only one side?>NO
    but if the government is so corrupt, then YES for the question, i would like to kick them all out. But in reality, those can’t be happened, i do not need to worry this because here is bolehland.

  2. good to see your post, ms lillian – i’ve been peeking in here for a while now, hoping to read your interesting, thought-provoking posts šŸ™‚ i’m coming down to penang fr kl just to cast my vote. šŸ™‚

  3. finally… a blog that makes sense. The motives of all parties are doubtful and unconvincing. Too much spite and very lowly.

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