Whatever happened to the Obnoxious One?

So elections over. 10 days ago. But the mania and hype and every annoying things have not ended. I am getting sick. Sick of the bickerings, sick of the finger pointings and most of all, sick of the people who blindly follow other people without checking if they are apeing and parroting lies or they are saying something sensible.

Just take a simple thing like the price of Gardenia or the 6% GST at Giant. Idiots will keep sharing and screaming like they have been strangled like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered.

Sure, I can ignore idiots like those. But the problem is, innocent naive people will get sucked into the lies and deceptions and I am not one who holds my tongue. Or maybe my words.

Today I had a good time ranting to some people. First it is about this hypocrite who talked like he is an all encompassing loving person who embrace one and all. This is the same idiot who uttered ‘cina kapiak’ in my midst. The same person who asked ‘apa hukum untuk yang makan babi?’. The one who tried to engage me into discussing my religion versus his. Trying to imply that Christianity itu Yahudi.

But that Obnoxious One nowadays have toned down. I ignored and overlooked those. Not until this Hypocrite went up on the podium and try to fool people about how good his religion taught him.

So, I let out the Obnoxious One and let the steam released a bit. And I am back to accept the fact that the world is full of hypocrites, idiots and gila-power politician wannabes. And no matter how much I rant, the statistics won’t change.

Therefore, the Obnoxious One is now very tame. My eyes are opened wider, but so is my heart. These people are not worth my time. Nor my curses. A rant here and there, ok.

That’s not the only thing that pissed me off today. People can take others for granted. And that one? I also gave up. I just throw my hands in the air. Who cares anymore? So long as I remember who I am, uphold my integrity and focus on the Bigger Mission, I will joked through it.

But the Lord is good to me. In the midst of all these fed-up feelings, things are moving slowly. Things that I have set my heart upon doing but yet to find the first stepping stone.

I have certainly changed a lot. But then, I have worked hard to change by getting closer to my faith, understanding deeper and able to see the bigger picture.

The Obnoxious 5xmom is of course always there. Otherwise, what’s the point when I ask for ‘Send the Fire’ when I am but a mere meek mortal who has no courage to speak my mind nor act on things with the hope of making it a better world. So yeah, the fire is there, but don’t risk it by getting me pissed off.