Be annoying, for it is good!

I am absorbing the messages from the Pope. I find it rather nice that the Pope’s name is Pope Francis while our Bishop is Sebastian Francis. Both Francis.

I like Francis. The Francis Assisi that I discovered when I read a book about him. The rich playboy who turned to Christ and started the Franciscan Brotherhood. Oh how I enjoyed reading the stories of the monks and how the clumsy, stammering bunch was used by God to be His instruments of peace.

It is because they were not perfect people that I found inspiration. If they can, so can we. In whatever we pursue.

The Pope preached on May 16, 2013 :

The Pope preached on today’s first reading from Acts 22 and contrasted “backseat Christians” with those who have apostolic zeal.

“There are those who are well mannered, who do everything well, but are unable to bring people to the Church through proclamation and apostolic zeal,” he stated.

The pontiff said apostolic zeal “implies an element of madness,” which he labeled as “healthy” and “spiritual.”
(taken from here : )

I have been looking deep into my life. I think a certain degree of madness applies in my life. This streak of recklessness have served me well.

Religion can get boring sometimes. Two days ago, we had the Pentecost Vigil. I love vigils because it is like so extreme likedat, staying for hours in church.

But when the rosary lasts for a long time and prayer requests lasts another few hours, I get restless. I sat at the most front row. When I finally get to stand up, I stretched like a cat LOL.

I don’t know. I am not cut out to sit and pray. Maybe a few times a year, I can do it. But if that is my daily life, I think I will get bored. God can’t get thru to me when I am bored.

For me, I am in communication with Christ all the time. In people I see, things I read, songs I hear and even in my mind when I talk to myself.

I don’t know lah, but isn’t that what religion and faith is all about? That we eat, breathe and somehow apply religion in between somewhere?

When you see something or someone, don’t you ask questions like ‘hmmm…what would Christ do, say, act’ or try to emulate what you think He would do, say, act?

Whatever, I hope I am annoying in a good way and not the freaking annoying Christians that preach ‘you are going to die and go to hell and burn in hell if you don’t repent now, I tell you, sure one, sure die and go to hell one’ type. LOL.

Anyway…The Pope has a Twitter account and a Facebook updated with photos of The Pope’s mass, homilies and stuffs. That sort of comfort me that it is not so crazy to have a Facebook and Twitter account because that’s the language people ‘speak’ now. So I shall speak with tongues on Facebook too. Twitter is not so fun nowadays because I tend to mess up my personal account with the one I admin.

I have made my Facebook more public, though there are some I still keep private for ‘Friends’ only. So go follow me on Facebook.

My Facebook status updates are a lot more fiery and genuine than my blog entries. I don’t filter that much on Facebook. Cos I am so genuine and sincere you know?