Sticking to the basics

I am not sure why but suddenly, I realise if we stick to our basics, life is pretty well chartered out. Maybe it is the homily delivered by Fr Bernard about God’s mission for us. He said something about moving but don’t need to go too far. For example, he said John baptised Jesus and he was gone. John, I mean.

That sort of comforted me that though I know that certain calling, I decided that I am not going to see through them. Yet. I can see that if God’s willing, I am going to live for another say….20 years and I probably have lots of years to do what I wanted to do.

pom pom flower

So, meantime, I shall just sip my coffee, eat my cake, learn a bit more about my faith and not go the full mile. And what full mile is that? Someone asked me twice if I am interested to volunteer my time with some orphans. Another one asked me if I want to return to pastoral care in cancer hospital. The heart tells me to just go for the pastoral care course in Assunta. Another voice suggest maybe I should do more soul searching and then, jump into pastoral care if I feel so strongly about it.

lobster thermidor

But nay…I will just sit back, enjoy my kids growing up, do whatever work I am doing now, drink more coffee and eat more cake. Anyway, the above is the lobster thermidor my eldest cooked the other day. Well, that two lobsters are sort of my hubby and my evaluation that he is actually a great cook. You can say it is like the fruits of our labour. Those nights when he couldn’t sleep as a baby and we had to carry him, facing a white wall so that he could wind down. Either he was weird or we were lousy with our parenting skills.

jade cross

So, yeah….in as much as I love my religion, I will do nothing. And in as much as I desire doing more because I love my religion, I am just going to do nothing. Drink coffee and eat cake. Be a little nice. But not too nice. I guess God has His purpose for everyone. Mine is probably drink coffee, eat cake, until it is time to move on.


Hooray to all the coffee and cakes in the world.