One long overdue ranty post. Because I can.

Once upon a time, The Obnoxious 5xmom was one angry person. She could curse like sailor. Then, somehow along the way, she found peace with herself. And her surroundings. So she floats around in an ethereal cloud of selfies and dispenses good advices. Here are some for two above 50-years old women who behave like 10 years old kids.

Unfortunately, some women my age are still trapped in that vicious vortex (imagine a cyclone? that twirl non-stop?). Come on, I am going to be 50 in a few weeks. You two are much older than me. Please grow up?

The only reasons that I did not seize both of you and give it a good lashing on my Facebook is because either your young relative is reading my Facebook or your circle of acquaintances (I won’t label them friends because they are just amusing self with your burst of menopausal tantrums) and I don’t want to break that fallacy. Which is I am good (FACT) and you are good (FALLACY).

I am almost 50, and by now, I can sense when my hormones wreck havoc and I know how to behave. Not like you two. Tsk tsk tsk…first, the old one (L1) went to the younger (but still older than me and henceforth shall be labelled L2) FB and guess it was me L2 is cursing.

Sorry my dear L1, its not me. I pity you that after all these years, you still harbour hatred for me. Tsk tsk tsk…try play basketball, see can grow taller or not? Don’t get your life entwined around me. I am not worth it. I got my tralalala happy life. You can find yours too if you stop behaving like a 10 years old school girl.

And L2, you did some very bad things to me. Well, guess what? I am rubber skin, all bad things only bounce back to you. And my dear L2, when you ranted about me, I got plenty of screenshots of that rant sent from Whatsapp from KL, Penang, BN and PR people. Woohoo, you didn’t know I have so many friends eh? And I am way beyond insults, I don’t go around telling your boss like you did to me. Cos I care about your family members, I won’t thrash you because I am taught and reminded to love one another. If I can’t stand you, at least I still have the humane heart to know the repercussions. Not like you. Tsk tsk tsk…who can be so evil like you?

I am 49 and I don’t behave like a 10 years old kid like you who ran to the teacher and cry ‘teacher teacher, Lilian say bad things about me, punish Lilian, teacher.’ Then, go to headmaster and stomp feet and demanded the same thing. And worse still you went around the school sand play area and demanded other people don’t friend Lilian and her evil friends. And then, tried to throw sands in their rice.

Please grow up? I am not your problem. You need to search deep inside you what bothers you. You have behaved way beyond the normal professional facade. Cursing people. Reminding people like you did anything great for them. Dragging your company’s name to scare people eh? Woi, people don’t care much about your company lah, cos so many competitors out there now. We are in 2014, no 2004. Time has passed by. Time to get thin, get healthy, get happy.

I decided to give you two this pedas2 post because if I continue to keep quiet, you two are going to conjure up even more hatred. Our faith taught us to turn to God. Turn to God. If I really pissed you off, try to forgive me. Once, twice, until you foam in the mouth or I foam in the mouth…Keep trying. Cos I bear no malice against both of you. Just that I need to say this in the most spicy way or you two will forever swirl twirl whirring in that vortex of hatred of yours.

And yes, peace be with you two. Maybe you need to take a good look and ask yourself why? Plus stop mixing together, it is dangerous to conjure up imaginative hates especially each one of you keep feeding each other with more coals.