Feeling blessed on Christmas

Last night, I had a blessed Christmas makan at my place. There was no standing room and people spilled to the balcony and foyer. But truly, it is the most blessed Christmas of all since I converted in 2003. Looking back an old post in 2004 where I felt depressed having no direction how to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, I say the Lord has been good to me. Really great to me and praise be to God!

The food was nice, the people was wonderful, the atmosphere was really Christmas and most of all, the carolers and their chaperons all gave me the true meaning of Christmas. I can now say I celebrate Christmas like a Christian!

I lighted candles at my little unfinished, work-in-progress altar (cos I haven’t find one Jesus statue or crib I like yet) and carols filled the air. We said a little prayer of thanksgiving and everyone makan!

So Blessed Christmas everyone! Tonight, God send His Son so that no one may die but have eternal life! May you feel the Blessed Lord in your life too.