Happy 12 years conversion to me myself and I.

This actually started out as a FB status. But then, I started recalling my conversion as a Catholic.

So it is Saturday. Easter Vigil. And I can celebrate 12 years of being baptised as a Catholic with my four sons. Hubby is going Cheng Beng but I cannot join him cos I need to send my little boy for Easter mass practice. Before that, I used to be chief organiser of Cheng Beng, taking care of all the nitty gritty stuffs, from tea foods cakes to paper stuffs for burning etc etc. After conversion, I no longer involve myself because to me, my parents-in-law, uncle in law, grandparents in law are all in a better place. God will take care of everything. All I bring will be a bunch of flowers.

I still insist my kids go along with their father but many times, it clashed with Easter/church camps/school/work etc. Anyway, I hope my kids will take over hubby’s duty someday, of clearing graves and paying a visit to their ancestors’ resting places. We have 3 different locations to cover, 5 persons to pay respect to.

So, Happy 12 years as Catholic, Lilian. Jesus loves you, Chan Lilian​. 🙂

I was probably the only woman with engorged breasts and post-partum bleeding who went through her RCIA rites, driving with caesarean stitches and painkillers. Cos I was one eager-beaver Chinese woman who wanted to embrace Christ.

I analysed myself why I mention Cheng Beng and Easter Vigil (the night when people get baptised as Catholics) in one breath. And I guess it is a transformation for me. Or you can say resurrection.

I used to idolised many gods because that was how I was brought up. Cheng Beng was my responsibility as a daughter-in-law because my late mother-in-law bequeath her duty to me as she was getting older and frail. I took it seriously and did marvellously for several years or maybe over a decade.

So when I wanted to turn to Christ, it wasn’t an easy decision because I had that guilt of ‘abandoning’ my old practices. But the RCIA took a year and I had time to slowly detach the old practices.

Unlike some misinterpretations, as Christians we pray for our deceased loved ones. Everyday. We live with the assurance that our loved ones die and live again in Heaven with God. Everything is provided for. So we don’t need to offer earthly stuffs.

Twelve years and I can say I got along pretty well. Nothing to shout about but I didn’t drop off midway. Kids are doing well, some closer to church than others but all have Christ foundation.

Yes I Thank You Lord.