This is me.

A friend, or is he a relative? hmmm…really I don’t know how to categorise some people. Its funny, though. How we never talk when we were kids because of wrong channel and then, much older, I totally tuned out. But 5 decades later, we somewhat clicked. I don’t know and don’t care how he got these description of me. But the thing is quite accurate. So I am going to copy and paste the nice things about me here. I am going to highlight those points that I like to believe is so-me.

At 50, I can say I am quite settled with life and know where I am heading. Well, I do not know where I am heading but I always have that lofty ideals that someday I will just throw my life into doing things like feeding the poor in some organised soup kitchen paid by guilty-rich-people wanting to unload their guilt LOL and nourishing the minds of the downtrodden with motivating stuffs or crazy ideas like staying in some comfortable wifi-connected, aircond, no mozzies, nice clean toilets jungle teaching kids about Jesus or be involved as a counsellor to screwed up youths and women. Or be one of those people whom you can talk to when you are dying or the one who hovers around dying people or at morque. Really, these are things that thrill me because it is not ordinary.

So when my friend or is it relative gave me these, I was like ‘shit, he got a winner!’ (of whatever he used to analyse this). Don’t ask me where I got this. Cos I also dunno and I don’t want to know.

Oh ya, I am going to be vain a bit and post a pic with each blog post.  So here goes my cycling photo.









Chan Lilian Life Path number is 11, a person with great intuition. Eleven is actually the most intuitive of all the numbers. You are very sensitive to your surroundings and have an amazing understanding of others. This helps you discover many a things that are going on behind the scenes. Examples of such sensitivity would be being able to sense others relationships or health without knowing them. You can use your strengths to greatly help others. This life path number is called Master Number 11 or 11/2. This number combines all the traits of number 1 twice over, and at the same time includes all the characteristics of highly charged number 2.

Spiritually aware, a visionary, inspiring, charismatic, inventive, a dreamer, idealistic and a deep thinker. You rely on faith rather than logic to deal with the life and all it has to offer. Much is expected of you having the master number eleven. Your purpose in life is give inspiration to others. You possess an inordinate amount of energy and intuition, and you can inspire people even without much effort. Take full advantage of your powers you must develop yourself sufficiently and surrender yourself to higher ideals. You will find success in fields that let you be a teacher, diplomat or speaker. All fields where you can utilize your considerable talents at uplifting and inspiring others.