Why you get Unfriended

Back in the early 2000s, when blogging was the thing to do, everyone thought they have rights to comment and pushed their worthless opinions through.  Now I am laughing at how obnoxious I was in my Obnoxious page.  These were what I wrote back then.  Funnily enough, I still stand by those rules.

The thing is, on Facebook, I cannot tell people to just shut up because it is free.  So what I could do was to Unfriend the person.

These I wrote back in 2003, not today.

1. I am a Catholic, this blog is not.
2. I am a nice person, sometimes this blog is not.
3. I blog with one purpose, no one has to know what.
4. Either love me or ignore me.
5. I pay for this site. Every alphabets, I pay for.
6. Every alphabets you typed (as in the comments) are paid by me.
7. I don’t enjoy criticism so forget it. Pile on your jokes, thoughts, opinions, greetings, expressions, anything. I welcome them. But don’t ever try to be smarter than me.
8. I may twist your words, so don’t bother to try (criticising).
9. I am not what you read.
10. This blog is not the gospel truth.
11. You won’t find any mumbo-jumbo on literatures, classical musics, books I read or any stuffs like that. I am illiterate, uneducated but very smart and sharp. Don’t play-play.
12. As far as I am concerned, I am the smartest, loveable, sensible, patience, responsible, patriotic, tolerant person on earth. Don’t argue with me.
13. I am also the most humble, forgiving, helpful, devoted, caring, wisest person on earth. Also don’t argue with me. (and more adjectives will be added on)
14. I have no fear of (my own) death, sickness, pain, failures because I had been through a lot. So, no problems can faze me. Nothing is impossible.
15. I rely 100% on God. God is my answer, pillar of strength, rock, shield and guiding light. Don’t question my faith.
16. I have 5 kids. Hence, 5xmom. One of them has passed away. He is my source of inspiration. I know what is pain, heartache, disappointment, frustration, fears, desperation, end-of-the-world feelings.
17. X can sometime denotes extreme. In everything.
18. I live for others.
19. I live for God.
20. What you see may not be what you get. I get very annoyed and sarcastic if anyone should judge me based on this blog. Or even worse, based on one single entry they read.
So beware. Love me or leave me alone.

And from here on – written today July 27 2015 in FB age.

And here are why you get Unfriend :
1. You are stupidly annoying like leaving comments with Hello Lilian.  Like doh…do I even know you? Or care to know you?

2. You Like every freaking, single update of mine.  Can you imagine the horrors of waking up in the morning and find 20 Likes from the same person for every single pix I posted? Get a life, if you have an itch, scratch it, not Like it.

3.  You think you know me so well, you got to comment on every thought I said aloud.  I have a very liquid mind and my fingers can type awfully fast.  So a FB is just like a place where I achoooo…and then, I move on doing something else.  Usually I posted more regularly when I am busy writing boring work stuffs.  It is like taking little piss to release the boring tension.  My life does not stay there, so I hate being reminded of things I update.  So don’t give me advices over something I babbled 5 minutes or 5 days ago.  I don’t need them.

4. You are a male and I find you disgusting because either you are chauvinist, pervert or just plain boring.


5. You are a female and I think you ought to get a life of your own and not lord over me instead.



Anyway…sorry if there are way too many ads on this blog.  LOL I have not touch the blog for a long time and I am too lazy to find out where I stuffed those ads code.  So lazy to meddle with them, live with it, ok?