Losing weight aint that hard

I am so glad I have Timehop on my phone. Its an App and everyday I can scroll back and see what I did last year and up to 5-6 years ago. Looking at the old photos, I realised how taukeh soh my face was. In Chinese face reading, it is good for women to have some plump face because it denotes good luck. So they say that kind of face brings luck for the husband.

Abuden, to get that sort of face, one is definitely pumped up with so much foods. And to have so much foods, one has to be rich lah. So what face reading lah, it is just pure commonsense.

Here is my photo taken in 2014 fat lilian

I wont label myself as fat. And I do hate people who categorise me as plump too. Damn, I get very sensitive if anyone dare say me fat lah. Unless the person is my evil biological brother or my very good male frens. Not female frens, only males.

Since April this year, which is like 4 months ago, I had taken that big bold step to finally lose weight and work real hard to shed those pounds. So far, I have lost 8 KGs. It is pure sweat to get those fats out. No supplements, no killer diet, change of eating habits, five times a week of Zumba and hardcore workout.


It is kind of silly for a 51 years old fat lady to skip rope like a 5 years old kid. But never mind, second childhood, for the sake of burning fats, I will do it. Of course, you cannot lose weight by skipping. This pic is just for show. Our actual workout routine is much more complicated.

Still I just want to note down that I have started the first few steps and hopefully I will maintain this lifestyle and not die of heart attack before I am 55.

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  1. Many little steps and buckets of sweats…. blessed holy sweats. Amen!

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