Older and wiser, I hope.

My 51st birthday is creeping up. So I somehow got into the reflective mode and look back on life.

It is not difficult to look back because I just caught up with some old schoolmates from the teenage years. Some were even from primary school.

When I sum up this life in one little summary, it is actually not as complicated as we thought when we were younger.

When we were younger, we worried if we do not catch up in exams, we are going to be a big failure. Then, I realise now that our lives are pretty much written in the stars. So it doesn’t really matter that much.

When we were younger, we spent so much emotions on relationships, failed ones, good ones, trying hard to get ones and etc. Now I realised, they were pretty much written in the stars too. No need to work so hard to maintain relationships, no need to sweat over the failed and broken ones because we probably couldn’t even remember them.

Probably it is not a good thing for old people like me to simplify life as such ideas may breed jerks and lazy people. But then, if I look at life in general, really we do not have to waste so much heartaches, worries, disappointments, unfulfilled hopes and etc because many things don’t matter.

Now, I realised it is good just to be nice somewhat. Don’t be such a bitch people hate you forever. Don’t be such an invisible person, no one remembers you, dead or alive. Don’t be such a competitive person because you will never finish running the races.

Maybe this peace comes from God. For that, I thank God.