My Whatsapp group rants

Many of you are going to be pissed with my post. So better don’t read. And if you choose to, it is not my problem you think I am hitting at you, ok? Cos I don’t care anyway….

So, it was like only last 2 year that we had this blardy annoying thing call Whatsapp group. Initially, the first one I had was my office whatsapp. For that, it is a compulsory thing as we can’t operate without a whatsapp group.

Right now, the only two groups that I did not Mute are my Office group (which there are two but considered as one) and my family group which comprised my husband and sons.

Otherwise, the rest had been canned in the ‘Please blardy get out of my sight, hearing and go play far-far’ category.

Ok, maybe there are a few that are my gossip groups, which I do Mute when I go to sleep. Actually I can mute my phone by putting it face down and set the Do Not Disturb mode. However, I have the enjoyment of pressing that three dots on the right side to MUTE. Power in my hands kinda satisfaction, you know?

So these are the people and the sharings that I so very the hate until I want to Leave Group.

1) Sharing inane hate politics pic on unrelated group. Eg, it is a freaking cycling whatsapp, why can’t you guys share useful info related to cycling?

2) Sharing of gory photos of splattered brains and guts of dead people. Cuss those who do that because there is something sinister in these people who revel in the sufferings of others.

3) Sharing racist jokes that the person do not even realise it is racist/chauvinist/insensitive.

4) Overly polite and apologetic people on the group who tries to be peacemaker when they better zip their mouth and stay out of things unrelated to them.

5) Those waste data feel-good photos and videos. Come on, I can see those on FB when I choose to log in lah, must forcefully push into our whatsapp meh?

6) The regular Good Morning, Good Night, Good Die kinda of greetings. Yawnnnn…boring wei. Nothing to say, can just shut up and move on, boh?

7) The damn suey people who are like Chipsmore, sekejap ada, sekejap takde. Eh, if you so blardy freaking busy, don’t lah join group. When people ask you a question, takes forever to answer.

8) The ‘Oh so atas people’ who occasionally pop by to share what marvellous life they have. So marvellous mah go live there lor, no need to come by and tell us eh.

9) The most-hated people who actually have the nerve to be so uppity and claimed that just because I am around hovering on whatsapp, probably I am a no-lifer or makan gaji buta. Cilakak, my work involves online stuffs and I am a social media admin. So yeah, I have freedom and access to internet and connection to the world unlike you who hidup terkongkong under the radar.

10) And dare I say this? OVerly passionate people who share like panadol – ONE DAY THREE TIMES, feel good photos and videos of the same topics…even if they are religious stuffs.

I never play those videos you send. I hardly download the pixs you send. I hate myself that I find it so hard to Leave Group most of the times. So yeah, I bottled up those angsty feelings and now I spill them all here. It is my blog, my rants, my thoughts. So if you think I have made a reference of you, maybe I am. I don’t care, k?