Watched 2 hrs Fifty Shades of Grey in 20 minutes

So…yesterday my little boy told me we actually have Fifty Shades of Gray in our HDD. He gave me the HDD and I told him I am going to watch it myself because nyekkkk…’you are too young’.

I got the book from a friend and it was one hell of a boring book I didn’t even read it properly and had deleted it from my computer.

Anyway, with the haze and all that, I thot I can get comfy and watch the movie which is about 2 hrs.

Right from the start, I already knew it is a disaster. Such a cliche start with clumsy poor girl going to meet some dirt rich guy. And the guy is not even handsome or commanding or anything at all.

When it was supposed to be romantic, it wasn’t. For example, the part when she got on the helicopter. The background song was Love Me Like You Do which is my favourite Zumba cooling down song.

Anyway, I just FF the whole movie because the dialogues are so dumb. Doh….in this age, where to find a virgin la. Plus what kind of girl would be so stupid to be bound by some contract.

So, I am glad I grew up with movie like Pretty Woman. At least Richard Gere has that brooding good looks with eyes that melt hearts. If I am going to get all mushy and foolish, at least Pretty Woman seems more realistic.

I told my little boy just now that how disturbing Fifty Shades of Grey is to me. It is not the BDSM part that disturbs me but how women are portrayed. It is wrong to have women holding back their needs, their thoughts, their whatever.

Since I FF the movie so much, maybe I missed out the whole thing. But I do know the woman’s body aint that great and her boobs kinda sag. And for the guy, I see only some pimples on his chest and that split second of tuff of hair. Yawwwn…

I think I am like a year too late in talking about Fifty Shades but still, I got to rant about it cos the eyes can’t un-seen what I had seen. And the moral of the story is? Don’t bother to marry too rich a guy, you know? I had seen real life cases and they ain’t nice, you know?