25 hours in my daily life

It is 11.25 pm. I am lying in my aircond bedroom. The clothes are drying. I have a pot of too-tor thng, cooked. And there is a chicken in brine (i.e. seasoning chicken for roasting by soaking it in flavoured water) and another half chicken seasoned with spices which can be fried. Dinner for tomorrow and the day after are pretty much settled.

I had gone to work. Covered issues on housing, and how Penang is marginalised. I took it upon myself to make sure that whatever the exco member expressed are printed in my story. People needs to know the truth.

I have also gone for Zumba. It is great to sweat after a whole week of being trapped in haze.

Today, I also signed up for a Penang Second Bridge ride. And I am currently contemplating signing up for a tristate ride by mentally preparing myself to ride the lorry.

My kid just entered some dates into my calendar. I look at my November calendar and it is quite scary.

I also just confirmed I am going to sign up for another round of Lose that 5 kgs challenge.

May I also remind myself that I have confirmed my interest to take up a course on pastoral care and that will eat into my weekends too.

But I suppose things will sort themselves out when the time comes.

I get very agitated when other women lamented about how busy they are, how they do not have time for themselves, how they need to do certain things and that sort of take up their whole life. Of course, who am I to tell them to STOP! Focus on yourself, your own life and love yourself. But that’s what they need to do.

I realised that when I am happy, I can achieve so much more. It doesnt take much to make me happy with things in life. I do not know if I set my happiness level too low or people are blinded by too much things they seek.

Today I am happy there is a new curry mee stall at our Nam Hong kopitiam. I am happy to eat cheesecake at Jen Hotel during our press conference. I am happy to drink hot chocolate with my 3 sons. Mind you, we ordered ONE cup of hot chocolate LOL and that’s it. I am happy to whatsapp with a dear friend. I am happy that I managed to cook, zumba, work and took the courage to sign up for cycling and running events. So yeah, one life, live it.