Getting melancholy over the year end

Somehow, 2015 has been good to me. So here I am feeling all melancholy that it is coming to an end.

Health wise, everyone has been good. Thank God for that protection because as a mom, the most worrying thing is the safety and health of my children.

Finance wise, we have never been poor because we do not need much and again, we have enough. With the dropping MYR, our travel plans are limited only the neighbouring countries. Still we had some nice holidays.

Maybe one of the highlights of the year is my class reunion. That shall go down as one of those things you put a closure to. Though it has been nice to catch up, I found out that friendships should just stay that way. Far away and close at heart. I found that it is boring after a while trying to remain social on a daily basis. And hey, I left the Whatsapp group after I find it tiring having folks picking on ‘my boss’. If they don’t get it that I am who I am, and not who I work with, then, let’s move on and not piss me over the smallest matter. Like pointing out that ‘my boss’ is not a Penangite when my whole intention was to show a world champion badminton player.

My 51st birthday left some really memorable stuffs that are best left unsaid, unknown but nevertheless, one of those things that I can look back one day and die with a smile.

As at today, I had completed 164 sessions of exercise. This is one thing that I had never expected. I had lost a lot of weight, got stronger and more active. This is the biggest achievement.

I had ran. I had ridden. I had Zumba-ed. I had earned medals. And I am going for further distance.

Age has taught me to be less docile. I hate liars and hypocrites. I hate whinney people I hate boastful people. I had naggy people. And through 2015, I had probably pissed off many people in these categories. Enough of putting up with their idiosyncrasy and their pain-in-the-butt. Screw it, I don’t care anymore.

Church wise, I have quite a ‘questioning’ time. This year, I am less churchie and I know when to say no and when to stay away when I cannot commit. Glad that I have many times questioned God. Glad that despite of all the ‘down time’, I bounced back.

Work wise, I managed to stay out of big trouble. LOL. Actually I am beginning to like this civil service thing. They give you all sorts of training and it is up to us whether to absorb and improve. I can look back and claimed I was the best English public speaker, I almost won the best English speller except they gave me a Latin legal term. Cheat eh, where can give Latin when it is English hor? Anyway, I happily lose to Carol, my emcee friend.

So, what does 2016 has in store for me? I don’t know. Just remain gentle and calm. I don’t ask for prosperity. I don’t ask for success. I don’t ask for fame. Just let me live day by day with a purpose in life. May God make me a useful instrument in His great big plan.