Trying to do the cliche thing of Writing Resolution

Was sieving through my old blog posts from way back in 2004 to find out when I stopped writing resolutions. I suppose I stopped when I reached 40. Now approaching 52, I can say F-that-shit!

For one, I know that I am a reckless person and I love doing things impromptu. I have no discipline and hence, I would break every single law and rule, what more silly resolutions.

However, I am blessed with determination and steadfast focus so if I am into something, I will pursue it till the end. So that recklessness somehow is balanced by that steel will of mine.

Still, it is good for me to list down the things that I think I should be doing in 2016.

1. I will continue to be a catechism class teacher though I dread spending Saturday afternoons talking to 13 years old about Adam, Eve, Noah, Jacob, Abraham bla bla bla till the Holy Spirit appeared in the New Testament eleven months later. I will do it because I think the Catholic church is too churchie and filled with too many well-read, learned people. The kids need an easy-going, God will love you no matter what person who is convinced that Jesus is for real but we need to know all of Jesus’s ancestors.

2. Out of vanity and ego, I am going to stick to my health regime. Of course, health wise I know my broody, grumpy, moody physician won’t get to nag me ever, again. It is my stupid mistake to find a physician thin as stick who preached losing weight all the time because he cannot put on any. So yeah, for him and for vanity, I know I will run a half marathon, or maybe a dozen. I will ride my bicycle sometime.

3. Today, I was caught in another blardy jam that snaked all the way to right where I park my car. It is unbearable. Who the hell get jammed right in their own car park? People like us who work in Rapunzel Tower. So while I was cursing the car who knocked into mine, I actually had a vision of myself cycling to work. Yeah, sort of like how God appear in those Hollywood movies where a vision appeared. Bright light, picture appeared. Now, all I need is a tiny minuscule bike which I can stuff into my Axia. Then I can give traffic jam the middle finger and ask all those stuck in their car to kiss my bike’s ass.

4. For someone who gets hopeless lost all the time, I think I want to try travelling alone. Going on holiday somewhere all by myself. I must do this. Enough of going with boyfriends, kids, husband….lets do it with myself, me, I.

5. I am going to be 52. Once upon a time, I thought 52 is like some dried prune old lady. The kind with rheumatism, ugly baggy flowery dress, droopy breast….. I suppose I am not doing too bad in that department, I mean look wise. I mean I am not some cranky aunty with bad taste in fashion. So yeah, blue jeans and white t-shirts still look good on me. Therefore, stick to looking good, feeling good.

6. Oh there is one thing that I want to achieve in 2016. I want to piss more people off. I have enough of ‘enduring’, being nice, being polite, being socially acceptable. Some people deserve it, so let me do the dirty job of telling them off. Or I will just stay away.

7. Be nice. Oh wait, did I say I want to be mean and bitchy on #6? But why changed my mind? No. I am only going to be bad to those who deserve it. But the rest of the world needs love, need affirmation, need a smile, need a comforting pat, need a hug, need kind words. So I will be nice to those in need.

I think the above seven are good enough to keep me anchored for 2016. Hopefully I will come back on 31 Dec 2016 and proudly claim that I had done all 7.