These body shaming business

So I was reading some news about Carrie Fisher blasting her body shamers.

In case you do not know, body shaming is about people telling you that you are fat, you are ugly, you are not beautiful, you are old etc. And now a pack of very angry folks will bite your neck and tear you to pieces if you so much dare to do this body shaming.

Well, I had been thinking about this for a while. Though I have no daughters, I sometimes come across young girls who have very insecure feelings about their looks.

For one, I grew up with almost all negative inputs than any positive ones. Too thin, too this, too that. Back then, there was no social media, no women magazines and at least, I did not have that ideal image to live up to. Still, those negative inputs must have caused a lot of damages.

Then again, I was quite the tough kid so I had pretty good confidence of myself, or maybe over egoistic to make up for those negative inputs? Whatever…

Now, the scary thing is people are so into anti-body shaming. So they made it like it is so right to be obese. It is not. It is damaging to the health. It is not cool to continue to be obese just to prove that you are confident. Yes, now they have a lot of plus size women to model. But ultimately, we shouldn’t be making overweight and obese a fashion.

As a parent, if my kid laments he is fat or something, I will get him to talk about it. What is he going to do about it? Will he start to eat less? Will he change his eating habits? Shall we increase the physical activities?

I don’t know but I am quite sure that boys had it easier than girls. When I see the girls above 15 years and still continue with unhealthy eating, unhealthy image of themselves (i.e. refused to have their photos taken) and have bad fashion sense, I will secretly hope they will find an adult they can rely on (sadly, mothers arent very good motivators) to help them to change their habits.

It is bad to body shame others. But it is also bad when the person lives in denial because in the long run, the journey to return to healthier lifestyle is too hard to make a U-turn.

So if you are a young girl with a hard time dealing with your baby fats or whatever they call your extra weights, deal with it. Don’t get into unhealthy habits of diets but instead, eat less, eat more vegetables, get sweaty and physical and you will be able to see the difference.

And if you are being told you are old, you are fat, you are ugly, you are weak and useless, all the more to take charge of your life and start moving too.

As for Carrie Fisher, I think she should realise that she is in Hollywood and not Winnie The Pooh.