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So blog is not dead?

The other day, I attended a social media course on advertising. I get frustrated when there are so many tips on advertising but no one tells me where those advertisements are going to land. So, I asked, where is the content? You are selling something and yet, where is the ad going to lead you? […]

So chan lilian celebrates 12 years blogger status

So twelve years ago, I started blogging. I started off with an obnoxious entry. I accused people who blog are weirdoes and have no life. Twelve years later, I am still the weirdo with no life. So, congratulations, Lilian, you have come long way and yet stay the same. I was 39 years old when […]

Happy blog anniversary to – 9th year

February 14, 2005 was the day I officially moved from to Back then it was a big deal to go dot com. I couldn’t get dot com because some other woman in Hongkong had owned it. Anyway, I like dot net because it is like a fishing net catching blur sotongs. Dot com […]

The internet is a bad place, just so you know

Many years back, there were blogs and only blogs. So, those of us who chose to be bloggers were responsible for inviting our blog wars. We got no one to blame but ourselves should we get negative comments or dissed by strangers. But now, Facebook and all the other social media sites have opened the […]

That mandatory New Year’s Eve post

Initially, I didnt feel like doing the corny stuff of writing a resolution post. But upon reflecting, I think it is good to follow what my priest said in his Sunday homily. Practise the 3R – recollection, review and renew.   I actually need to look through my Facebook photo albums to recall what I […]

Those silly people worrying about their privacy on Facebook

Excuse me!!!! Gotta rant. Some months back, I was at some Korean BBQ place and there was this group of office people having their gathering. So, as usual, I eavesdropped. I am a blogger so I must constantly look for bloggable materials, ok? There is this guy who was like a little bit smarter amongst […]

Why my blog is better than your blog, his blog, her blog, everyone’s blog!

Actually I missed my blognivesary. The day I started blogging. I started six years ago. From the humble beginning of a blogspot on October 23, 2004. Six years ago, I wrote this : Making love with the mop and broom (original link still online) Yikes!!! I just realised that I am holding the hand(les) of […]