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It has been 12 years now

Dear Vincent You would have been 13 now. I have plenty of 13 years old in my class so I do not need to visualise how big 13 years old are. Today, I suddenly thought what you would have been like if you are still around. Sensible as I am, I know you had taken […]

Mother-in-law’s legacy fulfilled for this CNY

Today is the 5th day of Chinese New Year and I can finally put up my legs with a relaxed mind. No more list of things to buy, things to do and time schedules plotting in my brains. I do wonder if it is worth the trouble, the cost and the works. And I think […]

Carrying on that mother-in-law legacy

My living room is decked with Chinese New Year decor. We have a huge big red lantern at the front door, plenty of corny greetings on the wall which I have no idea what is written there and the mandatory Chinese pussy willow with the hanging stuffs. Last year, we didnt do any Chinese New […]

Christmas is coming, once again

It is that time of the year when I change my blog theme to the snowing one. Used to be crazy over all the plugins available to make my blogs much nicer. But somehow, the desire to blog is lost once Facebook comes to town. Kinda sad that this blog seems to be gathering dust. […]


Today is 1st of October and finally we can officially say we have completed moving. It has taken us a full month to move. I think we threw away 30% of our belongings, many of them still in working order. Of course, throwing doesn’t mean dispose those things as thrash. Instead, we got a trash […]

Moving is therapeutic

I am moving again. I find it so therapeutic rummaging through my stuffs, throwing away some, keeping some and pondering long and hard whether to throw or to keep the rest. Three years ago, we decided we want to find a huge house with a big kitchen so that my two older sons can experiment […]

The Chinese New Year that was

It’s 1 am and here I am, wide as an owl because I drank too much Chinese tea during dinner. It is scary how tea leaves from these Chinese fellas contain shitloads of caffeine that is many times coffee. So, here I am, wondering what have I done to my blogs? Many of them have […]