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Adios, 2016

The year is almost coming to an end. I have a bag of medals that I have earned. Whether it is running, cycling or some other activities. I have a stash of money that I have somehow did not spend. Though my salary is not much, I am glad that I did not spend much […]

The eclipse we allowed in our lives

My Facebook Timeline and my Whatsapp groups (which I have MUTED FOR A YEAR LOL) are filled with the eclipse of the sun this morning. I was like yawnnnn…I had seen before. Nothing new, let’s move on. I was a little emo by it, actually. Cos I remembered an eclipse many years ago and I […]

A new bragging point

Blog followers from the good old days of my earlier blogging would be familiar with my style of bragging about everything and nothing. I suppose they were addicted to this woman and her daily rants, occasional wisdom and all those nonsense that pop out of my mind daily. So, yesterday on Mac 6, I ran […]

2016 started with a bang

I am pretty insane lately. But I am also a lot happier, a lot less constipated with what used to be normal life. I started the New Year 2016 doing bizzare things like cycling to work. I had an assignment at the Esplanade and I woke up at 630 am to drive to Karpal Singh […]

These body shaming business

So I was reading some news about Carrie Fisher blasting her body shamers. In case you do not know, body shaming is about people telling you that you are fat, you are ugly, you are not beautiful, you are old etc. And now a pack of very angry folks will bite your neck and tear […]

Trying to do the cliche thing of Writing Resolution

Was sieving through my old blog posts from way back in 2004 to find out when I stopped writing resolutions. I suppose I stopped when I reached 40. Now approaching 52, I can say F-that-shit! For one, I know that I am a reckless person and I love doing things impromptu. I have no discipline […]

25 hours in my daily life

It is 11.25 pm. I am lying in my aircond bedroom. The clothes are drying. I have a pot of too-tor thng, cooked. And there is a chicken in brine (i.e. seasoning chicken for roasting by soaking it in flavoured water) and another half chicken seasoned with spices which can be fried. Dinner for tomorrow […]