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The longest two weeks (to GE13)

I am not sure if others feel this but these have been the longest two weeks. I cannot wait for elections to be over. I am so tired of reading political views even from the most unlikely apolitical person on my Facebook. People no longer rant about bad service at the restaurants they just went […]

I think all those Malaysians whom had migrated are a pain-in-the-arse

Recently, there are lots of stories from those Malaysians whom had migrated overseas. And there are equally many who didn’t migrate and wrote in to online news site why they stay in Malaysia. Let me tell you lah, I find those who had moved overseas such a pain in the arse. You know why? Cos […]

People’s power prevails in Penang

Hmmm…so many Ps. I guess it is time people get used to the change. When Penangites, especially those on the island voted out the previous government, what they wanted is a change. Now that the change is here, we just have to absorb it. Over the last few days, there have been two protests. Then, […]

The other side of Komtar

Sometimes, my timing is very freaky. Few days ago, I made a mistake of messing up my dates. I went to Jalan Sungai Pinang only to discover that I should go the next day. So, left with nothing else to do but all geared up with my camera and stuffs, I told myself not to […]

Romance on the hill

..only thing is, there is no romance but lots of mosquitoes. I have the rare opportunity of following a group of government servants to go up to Penang Hill for a gotong-royong. Only thing is, I don’t need to work but just to enjoy the ride up, fresh air, cicadas singing, beautiful views and the […]

Senior citizens: Gerakan prove its denseness again (Letter to Malaysiakini)

(the below is a letter published in Malaysiakini in March – link found here on Malaysiakini. The title of the letter is not by me though, added by the editor.) I refer to the Malaysiakini reports Pakatan’s report card misleading, says BN and Cash for senior citizens: Penang ready for MACC probe. It is very […]

A school underground – Sek. Jenis Keb (T) Azad

There is a tussle on who actually help this school to acquire the land. MIC and Gerakan said it is all BN’s credits and now, Pakatan Rakyat, especially DAP claimed the credit. But, in my opinion, it does not matter who helped the most. It is already a shame that this school has been neglected, […]