The longest two weeks (to GE13)

I am not sure if others feel this but these have been the longest two weeks. I cannot wait for elections to be over.

I am so tired of reading political views even from the most unlikely apolitical person on my Facebook.

People no longer rant about bad service at the restaurants they just went or post photos of their foods. Instead, it is all ‘this ceramah I went, that ceramah I went’ bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda.

Even mother-in-laws rants seem to have diminished when people have Barisan Nasional to rant about. So, yeah, BN is more monstrous than monsters-in-law. Bwahahaha.

I am not sure it is good or bad, that we have one common enemy – BN – and people start to be buddies because of that. Suddenly, the world seems to be a better place because we have……no, not PR. The common enemy – BN. Say thank you to BN, please muahahaharr….

It is actually quite silly. That we allow our lives to revolve around politicians and their bad behaviours. Can you imagine? If we share the same passion in something else that is more fruitful? How wonderful this world is going to be?

Say for example, each of us, instead of hating BN or loving PR, or vice-versa if you are a BN fanboi (oh come on, don’t be afraid to say out loud, like Michelle Yeoh), we channel that into doing something else. Like loving our God (whatever form you want your god to be lah, that is).

So, people, think about it? Are we too obsessed already? Is it time we take a step backwards and realise, hey, we actually have a lot of passion in us. Why not use it for more useful purpose? Why spend that passion in hating Rosmah’s ring or shoes or handbags?

Or if you are a BN-fanboi or fangirl, stop hating Lim Guan Eng and instead, use that passion (of hating) to loving and doing something good?

Therefore, chill lah, people. Elections is just a few days away. Let’s not make so much enemies, you can’t hold your head high come May 6th. Someone is going to lose and someone is going to win.

The sun will still rise in the East and set in the West. Nothing is changed. We still need to work for our roof, foods and SKII. Our Candy Crush level still need our determination to overcome. The only big change are the politicians. We common people still have an ordinary life. Maybe with cheaper petrol, or not. With cheaper housing, or not.

So, tralalalala…GE13 fast fast come, fast fast go.

I think all those Malaysians whom had migrated are a pain-in-the-arse

Recently, there are lots of stories from those Malaysians whom had migrated overseas. And there are equally many who didn’t migrate and wrote in to online news site why they stay in Malaysia.

Let me tell you lah, I find those who had moved overseas such a pain in the arse. You know why? Cos they are a bloody bunch of people whom had abandoned ship and then, try to talk patriotic why they had to do it. As if someone held a gun to their head and kick them out.

Please la…if you have moved out, just get out and shut up. Don’t talk like our country is such a dumps. It is not. It is still a lovely country. You moved because of your selfish reasons. Enuff said.

Firstly, when a person or a family moved out, they are bound to leave their aged parents behind. Many filial sons won’t do that. Never in our minds, i.e. my husband or my mind would think of leaving our aged mothers to move to greener pastures. It is just wrong. Don’t fool yourself with ‘never mind, my mother will fly to Canada for a few months in a year to enjoy the weather’. You are just escaping…

Next, you have to be blardy rich or blardy educated (in most case, it is because you are blardy rich) to be able to do that. You think all those gwailoes will want you to squat in their countries if you are not skilled or have tonnes of money to invest? So, don’t talk like every single Malaysians can opt to migrate and make the rest of us who stayed back like we are fools for not abandoning ship.

Then, there are those who think ‘ang moh sai eh ciak’ (english shits is edible, i.e. a sense of idolising caucasians) and kept praising how good England is, how good Australia is etc etc. Please lah, our politicians are shits but so are all politicians in the world. Just because you idolise them, you are blinded to their imperfections.

Another group is the parents who migrated for the ‘future of their children’. We did think of doing that at one stage in our lives. We were keen on seeing all our children having better education in Australia. But what held us back is whether it is fair to uproot our grown children from their familiar environment here for the sake of education? What about their friends and the sense of belonging here? We didn’t want to end up with rebellious teens who have problem adjusting. What good is good education when the children aren’t happy in a new country?

Like to admit or not, if we are in foreign land, we are second-class. We are Asians. Asians don’t have very good image there. Asian porn is like second class porn. Asians are sometimes mistook for being terrorists. Asians are those noisy Chinamen portrayed in kungfu movies. So, get real…fool yourself but there is no place like home here in Malaysia.

You can whine and whine about how discrimination exists here in our country if your skin colour is too pale or too dark. But look at yourself, aren’t you capable of working harder for a better life? Our ancestors from China and India did that, so why can’t we when we have better opportunities than them?

You think it is smart to abandon ship and when you are away in a foreign country, you curse the PM, curse the Tun M, curse the exam SPM and a 100 other M you can find just to justify why you abandon ship. But…we know, you did it because for selfish reasons. Nicer weather, higher standard of living, far away from the in-laws, lesser haram-halal restrictions etc etc…But the fact is, you left your country which you could have contributed your expertise to. You want a way out for your selfish needs.

So, stop all those letter like ‘oh I am so poor, my country treats me badly, so I have no choice but to leave’. Go play far-far and stop complaining now that you are out. We will stay here and make the best of what we have and work harder to make it even better. Sekian, terima kasih.

People’s power prevails in Penang

Hmmm…so many Ps.

I guess it is time people get used to the change. When Penangites, especially those on the island voted out the previous government, what they wanted is a change. Now that the change is here, we just have to absorb it.

Over the last few days, there have been two protests. Then, let’s not forget all the protests that went on in town in the last one year or so. Some even went to the extend of burning LGE’s effigy. But now, it has gotten a notch higher, burn self.

These are all part and parcels of us, the Penangites, growing up. Once a upon a time, we don’t get to voice out like this. Now, the PR government preached ‘people-centric government’ and that’s what it is.

I was at the hairdresser today and hence, have my hands on the Chinese media. It was one of those anti-PR Chinese media. And the photos are all biased towards the opposition party.

There was this photo of the opposition party members in their uniforms, looking so glum, visiting the man. Well….I wonder how sincere these people are….I am just wondering…no one has to get defensive, you know?

You know what? All media are biased. Even if they preached they are not, their bosses either lean towards one or the other. Hey, even my videos are biased somewhat though I am still not biased like Utusan. For eg. do you know Utusan left out the race of the man? I didn’t know that until a while ago. I did see some people tweeting with the mistaken identity that the man belongs to another race.

We Penangites are sometimes very pathetic. When you see a dirty market, you tell that to the local authority. They have made it so easy to make a complaint now. Just log on and submit. You can take a picture and proof it. But do they do that? Noo….they have to tell the CM about it. They tell the CM about every single small problems like CM has a magic wand that can change rocks to gold bullion. Like the CM just need to press the button like a game of Farmville to solve problems.

Come on, the state is in our hands. We the Penangites. Not the political parties and the politicians. Koh Tsu Koon come and go. One day, Lim Guan Eng will do that too. So, we are still left behind. If we don’t do something for ourselves, you think they can leave a permanent perfect heaven for us?

Yesterday, I read Chua Soi Lek’s tweet that he wants MCA to start cyberwar. It is stupid lah. What we need is not cyberwar. We need to educate our fellow citizens to know their rights and to fight for it. Not more mudslinging, name calling and fighting.

But then, these politicians don’t care about the fruitful and right things one. Like for example, people will be behind cucuk poor folks to protest and etc, and then, when they get hurt or something, they will be there with their glum faces like they are saviours.

I like my job. Cos at least I don’t feel helpless when I see all these taking place as I have a part to play in setting things right? (or maybe even more crooked? who cares lah)

So, you got any conflicting news that confuse you? Ask me. Or are you blindly believing things you read and made assumptions that could be wrong?

The other side of Komtar

Sometimes, my timing is very freaky. Few days ago, I made a mistake of messing up my dates. I went to Jalan Sungai Pinang only to discover that I should go the next day. So, left with nothing else to do but all geared up with my camera and stuffs, I told myself not to waste a trip to town.

I drove around and saw how ugly the part of Komtar where Jalan Tek Soon/Sia Boey market was. It was around 6 pm and the sun was glaring and bright. Yet, I decided to drop my car, grab my camera and take pictures.

It is ugly in a way and yet, so beautiful if I see it from the eyes of a photographer. The sun was way too hot and way too bright so I decided to return the next morning.

I came home, feeling very disturbed that we have such a neglected part of the city, just next to Komtar. The 1st Avenue shopping mall is opening soon and yet, we have a small ‘angkong’ altar in the middle of the road.

So, I emailed to YB Ng Wei Aik, asking him about the state government’s plan for this area. The next morning, I went back to continue filming because I want to capture the other side of Komtar. Sooner or later, those buildings will disappeared.

I recalled eating laksa, fishball soup and other stuffs at the Cathay (or is it Capitol?) cinema. We used to take our Penang Yellow Bus from there. Sia Boey market used to have the cheapest economy rice and other hawker foods.

YB Ng told me to see him at Komtar the following day. Incidentally, he was calling for a press conference regarding the eviction of one of the tenant. The state is going to clear the place and like YB Ng said, maybe they will make an urban park there.

It is not the first time I hear about this urban park. Previously, the MPPP Chief, Mr. Tan Cheng Chui also told Jimmy and I that our Georgetown needs more water features. Mr. Tan is quite the fengshui guy. The other persons who told us about the park are PHT Manager, Madeline and the Trader’s Hotel GM.

So, we shall hold our breath and hope that the current state government will not be so development crazy and turn that section into an urban park. It is a big task because the Prangin Canal has to be rehabilitated, i.e made clean.

But we can hope….Do you know that earlier, the ex-CM, Koh Tsu Koon state government was supposed to move the whole administrative offices from Komtar to Bayan Mutiara? If they had done that, the whole Georgetown will die. So, yeah, we now rely on the new government to resuscitate and bring to life Georgetown.

Romance on the hill

..only thing is, there is no romance but lots of mosquitoes.

I have the rare opportunity of following a group of government servants to go up to Penang Hill for a gotong-royong. Only thing is, I don’t need to work but just to enjoy the ride up, fresh air, cicadas singing, beautiful views and the freedom to run all over the place.

If you guys recall, those of us who are in our 30s and 40s, Penang Hill is the place to go for bungalow stay. I used to go up with my classmates when I was in Form 3 onwards. Then, when I was working, we also had a few trips up there.

If you have never spent a night up in the cold air, looking down at Georgetown flickering lights and getting freak out by ghost stories in those huge, colonial style bungalows with fireplace, you are not true blue Penangite yet.

Last Saturday, I am not sure why a photographer asked me if I want to go up. I thought it is a whole media thingie. I got there early, like being the first person to reach at 7.30 am and waited and waited. No other media people comes. Only a group of MPPP, PBA, Bomba, State Secretariat and etc staffs.

But I went because I have never ride in a Pajero up Penang Hill. I am a sucker for free rides, you know? What more to a place I have never been before. And I am so pleased I visited Crag Hotel.

The guys up there told me the place is part of the location for the movie Indochine which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1992. He described the place when the film company spruced up the garden and the Crag Hotel. I came home, Google for the movie and it seems like a very romantic movie.

Being a citizen journalist with a very cynical mind, I am totally disappointed that our (previous) state government (the building belongs to the state) had left this magnificent building and the surrounding wooden bungalows to rot. It is sad to see the neglect done to it. Why didn’t they continue maintaining the Crag Hotel and turn it into some boutique hotel?

I suppose those tree huggers, friends of the nature etc are going to make a lot of noise about nature being exploited for commercial purposes. But come on, isn’t it better to let humans live and enjoy the beauty than to leave the place to be eaten by termites and crumbled?

Bah, I wanted to write about how romantic it is on the hill but I got carried away as usual, by the politics of ‘previous government’ versus ‘new government’.

Senior citizens: Gerakan prove its denseness again (Letter to Malaysiakini)

(the below is a letter published in Malaysiakini in March – link found here on Malaysiakini. The title of the letter is not by me though, added by the editor.)

I refer to the Malaysiakini reports Pakatan’s report card misleading, says BN and Cash for senior citizens: Penang ready for MACC probe.

It is very sad indeed that a small token of appreciation to the senior citizens is being politicised to this extent. If our politicians have the ability to see the big picture, they will probably see that it benefits the community in general. Therefore, anyone with some common sense will not go out of their way to kick up a fuss.

When this was announced by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at Pakatan Rakyat’s first anniversary event at the Esplanade, I remember the loud applause from the ground. He said it was in recognition of the contributions the senior citizens made towards the development of Penang. I personally though that it is a thoughtful gesture to the senior citizens many of whom are living lonely, neglected and forgotten lives.

In July 2009, together with another Citizen Journalist, we went to cover the registration of senior citizens at a Hindu temple. It was an eye-opener because there are so many people who had worked hard during their younger days serving the community. They may not be heroes nor anyone famous.

They used to sweep the streets of Penang, cleaning the drains or being janitors in the hospitals. But they are still they a part of Penang, people who worked to make it what it is today.

According to the report, Teng made a statement that if the Penang state government is sincere in helping needy senior citizens, the state could use the money to build old folks homes. Obviously, this is the kind of thinking that caused Gerkan to lose the state to Pakatan Rakyat. Teng fails to feel and understand. The RM100 token is in recognition of the old folks’ contribution. It is to make them feel special and remembered as a person.

Building old folks home will only encourage even more children to abandon their parents. That’s why Lim announced that an additional RM1,000 will be given to the old folks caregiver upon the demise of their aged parents. That is also to show appreciation to the children for the care and love shown to their parents. Therefore, the Warga Emas programme, as I see it, is a way to remind children to be caring to their parents.

Teng also claimed that the rich will also come forward to receive the RM100 and then use it to ‘buy lottery’. Again, Teng shown his disdain and mistrust for Penangites and not having faith that we are a caring society. I spoke to a few elderly ladies who came in their finery and luxury cars. They jovially told me they are going to donate the RM100 to charity because it is not often Penangites get money from the government.

Talking about charity, Lim has also announced that old folks homes which provide shelter and care to the senior citizens could act as the beneficiary. Hence, the RM1,000 will benefit these homes.

Lastly, as a Penangite, I feel insulted that Gerakan Youth implied that we Penangites can easily be bribed to vote for Pakatan based on a mere RM100. Our wisdom in choosing the better choice cannot be bought with money. That’s why Penangites have voted for a virtually untested, unpopular and financially poor coalition in the last election.

I respect Gerakan’s role in questioning Pakatan Rakyat’s government as it is their responsibility to be the watchdog to the CAT government. But isn’t there any grace or respect left for these senior citizens? Can’t they remain silent and let these people have some dignity and pride? Give the programme time to prove its effectiveness.

A school underground – Sek. Jenis Keb (T) Azad

There is a tussle on who actually help this school to acquire the land. MIC and Gerakan said it is all BN’s credits and now, Pakatan Rakyat, especially DAP claimed the credit.

But, in my opinion, it does not matter who helped the most. It is already a shame that this school has been neglected, and so are all the Chinese, Tamil and Sekolah Agama Rakyat, plus the sekolah mubaligh or mission schools.

The school I visited yesterday was hidden in the basement of the clubhouse in the Indian Association in Jalan Bagan Jermal. There is a huge field which is a paintball field.

I find it amusing and cute to see school children in the cosy, neat and tiny classrooms. It is nothing like the regular school but more of a kindergarten where classes are held in a shared room. One needs to go down into the basement to find the school.

If BN insist it is their efforts in getting a new school building, care to tell me why this school was there for 25 years without a proper building? I bet they cannot answer this. So, please keep the noise to yourself.

As for Pakatan Rakyat, they won the election, they carry on what BN has done and did it better. So, there is nothing much to say further, isn’t it?

Lastly, I find it sickening that Barisan Nasional only comes out with goodies just before a by-election like what is happening in Hulu Selangor. Who are you kidding lah, DPM?

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said today that he did not come to Hulu Selangor in order to campaign for the coming by-election but in the same breath promised four new schools for the largest parliamentary district in the state.

Addressing some 500 teachers from the district who were gathered at the Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor, Muhyiddin said that one secondary school and three primary schools would be built.