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A weekend well spent

This morning, I was almost in tears when I read some of the affirmation notes from Form 2 & 3. I was touched because they had written really sincere feelings. Never expect these from them as I was expecting cliches stuffs. I am glad that I had taken my time to write each a personal […]

I choose you (John 15:16)

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. Eerily, everything screams that God is real. I made up my mind to go for our Cathedral’s 13th year […]

Getting melancholy over the year end

Somehow, 2015 has been good to me. So here I am feeling all melancholy that it is coming to an end. Health wise, everyone has been good. Thank God for that protection because as a mom, the most worrying thing is the safety and health of my children. Finance wise, we have never been poor […]

No Christmas choir for me this year

Met my choir group friend today and she asked me to join the practice today. Sadly, I told her I cannot join as I am too tied up. It is a huge change because I think I had never skipped joining the Christmas choir before. But I suppose the adage ‘We propose, God dispose’ is […]

If I can throw a rock at God’s window….

On certain days, I have that feelings of wanting to throw a rock at God’s window. Just to break it, so that He knows I exist and I am angry. I am not sure why but I have confided in a couple of friends how I am tired of the negotiating process. As an adult, […]

The will to live

This morning, I have a nagging feeling to visit someone I hardly know in the general hospital ICU.  I have been to the GH many times in my line of work.  Whether it is some glamourous generous mak datin delivering gifts to children in paediatric ward or visiting some victims etc.   Normally, I can detach […]

The ‘I love you’

Last week had a couple of emotional stuffs that sort of shook my emotions. First, I attended a memorial. Friends of the deceased were very emotional over his death and eulogies were filled with ‘I love you, (person’s name)’. Then, before I can barely get over it, while I was driving my home, I got […]