Growing up then and now

I just read two articles about growing up in the 60s and 70s and can so relate to what was written. The writer talked about the simple life back then where children had plenty of space to explore and how they were much healthier than now.

Back then, life was of course much simpler. I don’t remember having to study that much nor did children had to attend tuition and extra classes. So childhood was about living the basic life.

Now, even if we want to give our children the same leisurely and languid lifestyle, we know they will need to master a lot more skills. We are living in the technology age and children have to keep up with more skills and talents or face peer pressures.

We are much more informed now due to scientific breakthrough and researches done. We know that we need to provide nutrients to our children for optimal brain development. We have discovered that DHA alone is not enough for optimal brain development. Yes it is a key building block of brain cells, but kids need more than that. Our children also need Gangliosides which is very important because they are involved in the formation of brain cell connections. Where there are more connections our kids learn faster. These two nutrients both have important roles – building and connecting… they work better together

From the TV advertisements and also the videos available on Youtube, parents that we need to give our children healthier foods to avoid them getting overweight. Gone were the days when they have a whole kampong to roam. Now, our children live a more sedentary lifestyle. So, we have to make sure that their growing up milk do not make them unduly overweight. Opt for something with no added sugars like Anmum Essential which is a unique formula for growing up children.

The new Anmum Essential formulation helps provide all that our children need with more DHA and more Gangliosides . The plus point is this growing up milk has no added sugars, so we can be assured that they get what they need. Parents can get more information on

My son who is nine years old is engrossed with National Geographic, Animal Planet and other documentaries. He doesn’t limit himself to only watching cartoons. So, kids nowadays probably are much more intelligent than kids from the 60s and 70s. With all the information available on TV, books and internet, our kids certainly need all the brain power they can get to absorb these information.

Now when I make a comparison of living in the 60s and 2012, I see positive and negative points for both eras. Although kids did have a good time exploring the surroundings on their own, kids nowadays explore the whole world. Kids may have had a good time playing in the kampungs but kids nowadays can assemble all kinds of things including robotics. Though they had a much easier time in school, kids nowadays have the chance to learn extra lessons because these are available to them.

So, growing up then and now have its pros and cons.

The rewards of parenting

Though I have so many boys, I am afraid that none of them show any interest in sports. So, whenever there are any major sports events like the Olympics, World Cup, Wimbledon and etc, my poor hubby has to watch alone.

However, he is now a very happy dad because of a 9 years old who insisted to stay up to watch the Euro 2012 with him. It is so heart warming to see both father and son snoring away in the living room sofa while waiting for the game to start.

The attraction to football and sports do not end with just watching the game on TV. A couple of days ago, my boy wanted to buy the newspapers. It is a surprise to me because we do not subscribe or buy newspapers anymore.

He told his dad he wants to read the sports news. For a child who is only 9 years old, he certainly has very good command of the English language. I was full of pride when he sat at the cafe during breakfast, engrossed in the sports news.

Back home, he continued reading the rest and discussed with his father about the number of fouls the Italy side had during Euro 2012. I know that I have given birth to a smart boy. He could concentrate on the long stories and make analyses out of what he read.

I silently thank all the goodness I had imparted to him, whether in my womb or as a growing baby. Though I am not entirely an advocate for supplements and ‘brain foods’, I did diligently take good, nutritious foods and ensure my son received equal goodness as he was growing up. I certainly didn’t rely on just one thing as the answer to his brain development needs.

I had gone through all the chapters of ‘How to have a smarter baby’ and followed all the development milestones activities in childcare books. Therefore, the alphabets like DHA and nutrients like Gangliosides are not something uncommon to me. I know that both of these nutrients have important roles in the brain – they can complement each other. It’s like they work better together.

Now, I can see the reward of my parenting. With a child like my boy, I know I had done right. Young parents may find comfort that their loving and tender care for their child will bear fruits. Those who are interested to learn more about DHA and Gangliosides may want to surf to Anmum website –

Find out why it is important that we parents provide plenty of activities and stimulation for our children to develop themselves and also how DHA alone is not enough for optimal brain development. Our children also need other nutrients such as Gangliosides, that work together. What is Gangliosides? They are a special type of nutrient that is needed for the formation of brain cell connections. The more cell connect the faster the learning. You can read more about them at Anmum website and how Anmum Essential Growing Up Milk has a unique formulation that combines both DHA and Gangliosides.

The Sugar War

If you have pricked yourself to check your blood, you will know how difficult it is to cheat on the sugar level. I almost had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my youngest baby. It was a harrowing experience getting my fingers pricked a few hours apart.

At the end of the day, almost every one of my fingers were poked to draw blood. The other thing is the glucose drink I had to take which was really sweet. There was no escape with the blood sugar test because the numbers spiked each time.

Using this same method, University of Sydney research made a study on the Glycemic Load (GL) of growing up milk powders (GUMP) in Malaysia and discovered the high content of added sugars in many of the leading brands of milk.

Anmum Royce 6th post_chanlilian v1

Although many of the GUMP in Malaysia claim to be low sugar; no sucrose; less sweet etc, a lot of hidden sugars are disguised in various other names. These claims are misleading because they focus on a single type of added sugar (sucrose), while ignoring others (glucose syrup solids, corn syrup solids, dextrin, and maltodextrin).

Some of the local newspapers and health magazine have revealed these studies and apparently many local brands of GUMP are found to be high in added sugars. Needless to say, the effects on our children will be indeed be worrying. If our child has taken in that much of added sugars at a young age, I wonder what will happened to them when they are older?

Chronic diseases are so rampant nowadays. People get all sorts of illness at a much younger age and studies have shown that a diet high in added sugars is one of the causes. That’s why it is so important that we ensure our children are not loaded with unnecessary added sugars for their own health.

To give you a better idea about GL and how growing up milk measures up in terms of hidden sugars content, you can check out this newsletter from the University of Sydney at If you have a child relying on growing up milk, do check out which growing up milk will be best for your child. Find the one with the lowest sugar content. Do not be misled with labels that still have hidden sugars. Go for one that is proven to have absolutely no added sugars – that is Anmum Essential.

A-Mei is still DA BOMB after all these years

I heard about A-Mei’s AMeiZING World Tour which will be in Kuala Lumpur this 5th May or rather tomorrow. The AMeiZING World Tour Live was in Bangkok and Singapore and finally here in Kuala Lumpur.

A-Mei has been around for ages and was very popular 16 years ago. I admit I only vaguely know about her because I don’t listen to Chinese songs as I don’t understand the lyrics.

However with Youtube, now it is possible to listen to everything and watch the MTV. So, I get myself acquainted with A-Mei to understand what makes her so popular.

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I have watched some of the videos of her recent concert and I must say that A-Mei is still DA BOMB. The energy, her powerful voice and dance moves have not diminished after all these years.

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Hooked on shopping with coupons?

I signed up for some coupon site and has been bombarded with a lot of emails about special sales, discounts and really irresistible offers.

However, I have managed to stay away from buying those coupons because I somehow do not like to buy things in advance. I have that insecurity that somehow things will screw up if I plan in advance.

I have never planned holidays in advance. If we go anywhere it is always at the last minute. I don’t like the idea of planning months in advance. This was especially stressful when the kids were young cos one of them will inevitably fell ill at the last minute.

Therefore, I wonder why our coupons can’t be like this where people just pick up minus the advance notice.

This is a US site and have fabulous offers for so many categories of products. Some of the stuffs are so attractive I think I will get hook to shopping if I can buy them.

So are you into online shopping or love coupons? If you do, then, click the link provided for and start shopping.

I know my kids will go crazy with the JellyBelly. They had been pestering me to get all the weird flavour jelly beans but they are not available here. Now JellyBelly has special discount with the coupons.

Listening to Lee Hom on a lazy Sunday afternoon

When I bought my phone, the shop had loaded a lot of songs for me. There was this song that I liked very much but didn’t know who sings it and what’s the title. So, one day, I asked my two colleagues to listen and tell me so that I can find the video on Youtube.

That’s how I am introduced to Lee Hom’s song. The song I found was Wei Yi which was sung by Lee Hom and accompanied with Kenny G’s saxaphone. Since then, I have listened to a couple of Lee Hom’s song and like them.

However I am not as hardcore fan of Lee Hom as those Lee Hom wannabes. They posted their singing on Youtube and I think those videos are more hilarious than the actual singing.

So, if you think you can do better, there is a contest going on. Here is how it works. I have copied them from Celcom so you do not miss a thing :

Here’s how you can join.

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So will you be the next Lee Hom?


Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings. It is wonderful to catch up as family members are scattered all over the country and we hardly see each other. So, each time when I meet the nieces and their kids, I will go ‘Wow…..the kids are so big now!’

For us who do not see the toddlers and kids daily, it appears like they grow overnight. But for their moms, they know how much love and tender loving care had been put into making the kids healthy and growing.

So much work has to be put into caring for our babies and it is a learning process every day. Every time when the moms meet, they will talk about giving the best for their kids. I was listening to their conversations the other day about a Facebook page at
and truly, like the sayings go, Moms Know Best.

The moms never compromise on their choice of growing up milk for the kids. They want the best nutrition without added sugars and have therefore picked Anmum Essential. Being able to share information on Facebook AnmumClub also made more moms aware the importance of having Gangliosides and DHA which are call the ‘brain food’.

Recently, there are several print ads featuring Anmum Essentials and how it helps in the child’s brain development. More and more moms are aware and they are sharing it with friends the key point – i.e. growing up milks shouldn’t have added sugars. The milk still taste good and yet, the child is not at risk of an overload of added sugars to the point of getting obese.

The scene at my family gathering is almost like parenting convention because there are so many toddlers at home and all the moms are talking about finding the best growing up milk without added sugars. Most agree on Anmum Essential because it is the only brand that has given wide public awareness using real moms about added sugars in growing up milk.

Once the smart moms have all the information, they switch to a growing up milk that provides the nutrients without adding on empty calories for their kids – that’s Anmum Essential.