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Growing up then and now

I just read two articles about growing up in the 60s and 70s and can so relate to what was written. The writer talked about the simple life back then where children had plenty of space to explore and how they were much healthier than now. Back then, life was of course much simpler. I […]

The rewards of parenting

Though I have so many boys, I am afraid that none of them show any interest in sports. So, whenever there are any major sports events like the Olympics, World Cup, Wimbledon and etc, my poor hubby has to watch alone. However, he is now a very happy dad because of a 9 years old […]

The Sugar War

If you have pricked yourself to check your blood, you will know how difficult it is to cheat on the sugar level. I almost had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my youngest baby. It was a harrowing experience getting my fingers pricked a few hours apart. At the end of the day, almost […]

A-Mei is still DA BOMB after all these years

I heard about A-Mei’s AMeiZING World Tour which will be in Kuala Lumpur this 5th May or rather tomorrow. The AMeiZING World Tour Live was in Bangkok and Singapore and finally here in Kuala Lumpur. A-Mei has been around for ages and was very popular 16 years ago. I admit I only vaguely know about […]

Hooked on shopping with coupons?

I signed up for some coupon site and has been bombarded with a lot of emails about special sales, discounts and really irresistible offers. However, I have managed to stay away from buying those coupons because I somehow do not like to buy things in advance. I have that insecurity that somehow things will screw […]

Listening to Lee Hom on a lazy Sunday afternoon

When I bought my phone, the shop had loaded a lot of songs for me. There was this song that I liked very much but didn’t know who sings it and what’s the title. So, one day, I asked my two colleagues to listen and tell me so that I can find the video on […]


Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings. It is wonderful to catch up as family members are scattered all over the country and we hardly see each other. So, each time when I meet the nieces and their kids, I will go ‘Wow…..the kids are so big now!’ For us who do not […]