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Twitter Updates for 2010-05-24

Time to battle with kiasu, kiasi parents in the streets of Penang..Everyone outta my path!!! I hvn't hv my coffee n I am grouchy! # Anyone notices helicopter hovering at nite? My relative in Batu Uban said it shines into their compound. Why? # i GAS, do you GAS? # How many roti canai do […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-23

It's Pentecost today. May all of us be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. # I am going to Pak Lah's hometown tomorrow and I have no idea where it is. If my GPS doesn't work, I wl end up in some bendang padi. # RT @cmlimguaneng: d young's eyes shine with hope […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-22

But 'top' say they will follow up and do a bigger scoop. Tiger breeds fast, ppl told me, 'Do u eat chicken?' when I asked a tiger breeder. # I had done part of a scoop on tigers but there is no follow-up fm the 'top'. Interviewd CM n Phee n go shocking questions need […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-21

Wakakaaka " Isn’t there a law against recycling used toilet paper?" (Haris Ibrahim) # The irony of it. Our Penang assemblyman showed butt, threaten May 13 n doesn't get into trouble. Sarawak one kena ovr 'kangaroo' word # Utter crappy news. 'Try to SNEAK in'? Watch this video by CJ Lina, interview with […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-10

I uploaded a YouTube video — LGE_HMs-1-1-1.mp4 # Gud nite ppl.I am going to Georgetown Baptist at 8.30 tomolo to get vox pops. Then 10am to terrorise councillors with my camera. # The hardest part of filming wl be the azan subur, dark lonely road, single child carrying heavy school bag walking to school.I […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-09

These protesters hv to know that ugliness fall on them n they hv nothing to gain fm it. No one is retaliating, so it wl look stupid. # Some overseas site picked up one of my blog post on the Herald issue. Watch video (ugly rite?) # Stand next to old folks, hang like […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-08

RT @elizabethwong: Selangor MB will visit Assumption Church, Petaling Jaya following attempted attack. # And they missed the point. This is not abt one newsletter, this is abt persecution, intolerance, injustice, domination and more. # This is what happened when you give one 'kid' leeway n allows him to throw 'tantrum'. F.U. Now see what […]