Who is the screwer one here?

She is 10 years old.  They said she is a bit screwed.  Otak tak center.  If I am 10 and my mom has two husbands and 7 kids and some of whom may not be my own siblings, I would be screwed too.

Recka’s stepfather Ahmad Omar, 49, said he and his wife would be handing over the little girl to the Welfare Department as they found it hard to control her.

“I love her a lot but my wife and I cannot be keeping an eye on her all the time as we need to work in order to feed our family of six other children.

“I want what is best for her as I cannot be locking her up in the house. I feel that the state would be able to take better care of her,” he said when met at his Kampong Kolam home.

Now, the step father said she is too screwed and is better off in the welfare home.  Ya, right…..pass the buck, give her to charity.

But that’s not the screwer one.  The screwed one is the media.  They sensationalise her disappearance because of what happen to Nurin.  They create huge headlines, without finding out the facts.  Now, they realised they have been taken for a ride by a 10 years old girl.  She ran away from home because probably home sucks.  Or maybe she watched too many Bollywood stories.

Why I take offence with the media?  Because of what they portrayed.  That we were taken for a ride.

 Ten-year-old Recka almost had the whole country fooled when she made up a story about being abducted from a VCD shop in Market Street by a woman last week.

How about some better news like how kids are often neglected and that’s the cause of the problems we face in this society.   And why are kids neglected?  Because the parents need to scrimp for money.  And why do they need to do that?  Because our nation is developing too fast with too many ambitious projects that benefits a few and cause the masses to suffer.  That’s why.    Petrol naik, toll, naik, tepung naik, roti naik, beras naik, gaji tak naik.  That’s why lor.

RELA nuisance

There are many good RELA members, volunteering their time and energy to help maintain peace and whatever they are assigned to do.  But there are many whose heads are too big.

We were driving along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (i.e. the millionaires’ row) turning into Jalan Larut when we heard siren.  In front of us, came this Honda cub bike with an ahpek with RELA suit and a whistle.  He stopped the traffic from the other junction to let the hearse pass.

That’s fine, maybe the dead ought to have a smooth drive.  But after we turn into Jalan Burmah, the RELA members (now totalling two) are getting bolder and bolder.  Hey, you are not the traffic police, wokay?  And though we respect the dead and will want the final journey to be a smooth one, that doesn’t mean we must stopped in the middle of a busy road to  let it pass because well, that’s life.

By now, the RELA members on their Honda cub (70 c.c. old bike) acted like they are escorting the King.  They keep waving us off the road, while riding precariously on their bike.  Some of us may have seen them but if some other bikers who just caught up from behind may not see them and a crash is very possible.

Still, we tolerate because it is after all a funeral.  But what is super annoying is this.  We came to the red light where school children were crossing the road along Jalan Burmah.  And the hearse was about 3-4 cars behind.  All the time, our car was one car ahead of the hearse.  Read – 3 to 4 cars behind.  Meaning, there are 3-4 cars on a three-lanes road.  That total  at least 10 cars waiting for the red light.

And this farking old man in his RELA suit, thinking he is the traffic police actually shoo-ed all the cars to move, inspite of the red lights and the children crossing the road.  Mahai,  can wait or not?  Don’t you have any common sense that it is more important to see that the school children crossed safely than trying to act like you are escorting a time bomb?

Again, with all due respect to deceased and the family, I think the two RELA members are way too much.  I know that in normal funerals, if you belong to the rich and famous, they can get police permit and even police escort.  But I hope that not everyone gets to get RELA to be the escort all the time.  Then again, if you are rich enough and get one of those undertakers, I bet money can buy everything?

iSad iNo iMac

If I am four years old, I will fall flat on the floor and screech till I get my iMac. But then, I am not four but fourty. So, I cannot kick up a fuss.

You see, a month’s back I went to Apple Centre and they asked me to wait till the new Mac OS leopard is out. So, I waited. Finally it is here. I went to the shop. They don’t have stock of the 20″ iMac. They say it will be next week until they get the next batch and will install the OS into the iMac. But, but, but….they also said, the new shipment will have the Leopard pre-installed so they asked me to wait. AGAIN! WTF! So, I have to wait again.

I dragged myself to the shop today because I thought I am finally going to get the iMac. But so sad, no iMac. (and don’t any smart aleck suggest MacBook Pro because that costs a farking RM7.9K ok? Don’t tok kok. And I don’t want a 24 inch iMac because my table is only 36 inches wide. Terence will look very un-hensem on a 24 inches monitor, that’s why. 😛 Pimples and all. )

So, feeling so sad because I didn’t get my iMac, I went shopping lah. Bought Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things.


Plus four pairs of earrings. I actually picked seven pairs.


Christmas is coming, so these cute little bells and crosses seem appropriate.


Bought another cross earrings. Because I am feeling very siao.


And another pair.


And another pair.

Still. iSad!

Re-post – Women only post – Men, shooo!

I asked a question at Facebook and sent the question to all my female Facebook contacts. However, I got a few guys who replied as well. Their answers are so funny so I think I should share it here.

My question was :

Does your taiyeemah aka aunt flo aka period ‘make appointment’ before arrival? Or she loves to surprise you and catch you unaware?

These are some of the answers and there are 12 more on my Facebook profile (under questions I asked)

Carolyn Kong: usually..on time..wont unaware de..coz got symptoms one..like getting cranky or pimples popping out..

Rosalind SK: Make appointment

Earl Ku: eh kira pakai kalkulator saitifik tak buleh ka ….

Sharon Bakar: i know as soon as i begin to crave chocolate!

Simon Yoong: depending on my boss’ attitude to me. :p

Long time ago, I wrote one post just because the thoughts just popped into my mind and I got grilled backside over it. I told you I am obnoxious, rite?

“That women’s monthly curse?” with 40 comments because some folks got PMS and cari gaduh sama saya.

Anyway, I am just curious. Do you have hang-ups choosing which pad to buy? Do you find it annoying to see those dangling tea bags samples all over the supermarket? I do. That’s why I always stick to one brand because I am such a prude. I cannot go touch, look see, feel, pinch, check the layers of all those sanitary pads. So shy lah. Especially with all those ah peks hanging around, buying soap powder (cos they are always placed next to each other). That’s why getting tampons are so much more discreet.

Apamaciam? Are you the kind who don’t have problem buying pads in bulk because they are cheap? You know…those that come in 72 pieces. Doh, bocor pun tak kan bocor sampai 72 pieces, kan?

And moms-to-be, get your stocks of maternity pads ready ‘cos you don’t want the poor hubby to hang around the section to find if it is whisper, kotex, sanita (does it even exist?), with or without wings type that you ask him to get for you when you just delivered your baby. Not every guy is as bold as my dear hubby who had no problems asking the promoter “Wa eh boh seh kia, ai beh hamik?” (yayaya, he had done it twice)

Old flower eyes (re-post)

*sigh* I hate having old flower eyes. You can’t see near, you can’t see far. If you wear the spectacle for seeing far, you can’t eat because the rice grains don’t look distinguisable. It is totally bleh, I tell you.

So, I had been wearing mono-vision contact lenses. That is, my left eye for close subjects and my right side for distance. My brain adjusts well and I have no problem. I can even read the Bible as a lector and read the music sheets as a choir member. Everyone said how good my eyes are because most of them needs a pair of old flower eyes spec to read. I tried to explain what mono-vision is but no one understands.

However, I have been blogging till late at night and I cannot wear the contact lenses for too long. So, on most nights I am partially blind and have to put my face real close to the monitor.

Few days back, I decided it is time I admit I have old flower eyes and went to get myself a pair of spectacles. Since I expect to wear it for several years, I invested in a pair of Sillhoutte which is so light and with half frames. As my eyes ‘power’ are extremely high at 450+, the glass lens are so thick. My optometrist offered me two choices, i.e. essilor or a Nikon lens. Ouch! So Nikon so expensive, I go buy camera lens lagi shiok ler. There are even more expensive lens but he said it is too risky for me if I have kids as they may shattered it. I think they are call multi-focal or progressive lens.

So, I settled for the essilor and the whole spec costs me RM1,700. Niamah, I damn pain ‘cos all the time, my spec only costs at most RM400. AND I STILL HATE WEARING SPECTACLE BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE A HEADMISTRESS!

*sigh* It is no fun to have bad eyesight. I started wearing spec since 10 years old.

When they say fine prints, they mean FINE PRINTS, idiots!


So, we made online booking on Air Asia where everybody can fly (kite puas-puas, 10 rounds also can) and still able to catch a flight because I heard they are always delayed. Well, we checked and MAS’s price will be RM6,800 for four adults and 2 kids’ tickets. Air Asia is RM4,100 for 6 if we book online and RM4,700 if we book from their office.

When we booked online, they gives us this Adobe file which I asked son to print it out.

And LOL, that’s how the fine prints are. It is really, really, really fine. But my atm doesn’t let Air Asia goes off so easily. That man is reading that thing right now with a magnifying glass.


My son and I are just fooling around. Not that I care what the fine prints said.


Siao meh! Who in the world reads fine prints! (except lawyers and my crazy atm) He did find a condition that says should Air Asia overbooked a flight, passengers will be kicked to the next flight. Like this oso can? Air Asia – Everybody can fry.

Kota Kinabalu questions – Sabahans please help

Any Sabahan can tell me?

1) From the city centre, how to get to the foothill of Mount Kinabalu?
2) If we are not climbing Mt. Kinabalu, is it worth a trip there, to the foot hills?

3) Foods – What should we look for?
4) Places of interest – What are the places we shouldn’t miss when in KK. With small kids so nothing too adventurous.

5) Driving – We are planning a self-drive trip, the road ok?
6) Islands – Which is the nearest island from KK?

Quick, tell me like, NOW? Cos I am leaving Thursday morning.