Selamat Mengundi – Just Change!

So, folks, today is the day.

I am 44 years old and if I count correctly, I have voted two or three times. But this 2008 is the only election where I realised I have my role to play. Previously, it is just the follow the crowd and we did it without much thoughts and feelings.

This Malaysia 12th General Election has evoked feelings that I have never felt about the election. I am not sure if it is because I am more informed or is it because I am one of the millions of Malaysians who are tired of being treated as morons. I am sick and tired of listening to people telling us how great we are. I am pissed listening to our PM harping on ‘no one will defend your Chinese voices’. Sick, sick, sick.

Because of that, I am leaning to DAP and PKR and even PAS. What our Barisan Nasional leaders failed to see is – THIS ELECTION IS ABOUT US, THE RAKYAT. It is not them. It is not who is up there. I don’t care who is the next Penang CM. As long as he got balls. It is about what we want as a nation.

I want these :

1) That our Government will stop reminding me that Allah belongs to them only. I hate the fact that Pak Lah just shut us all up with one threat and we are expected to walk off lamely. Pak Lak said everything, including naming my Lord.

2) That the Education Minister will stop harping to our little children about races. And stop stuffing so much useless subjects to our children.

3) That our moronic politicians will stop camwhoring with the lame, sick, retarded, Mongloid, limbless and etc to tell us they are some kind hearted people who are doing good deeds. All we want from you is to get more allocations of money to help them. You are not helping enough. Period. (sorry for the descriptions but Chia Kwang Chye and that dunno-what-his-name just left some pamphlets at our doors at 9 pm on the eve of polling day so I am utterly tiu-ed)

4) That all the political leaders will have a heart for others and just go and do their work without waiting for once every five years to put on a show.

So, I am leaving this song from Youtube which has sort of glued into my heart. Again, I am not pro-DAP or any political parties but I am driven to this end because suddenly, I realised that I hate being told fairy tales every day on the mainstream media. Enough is enough!

Send forth Your Holy Spirit!

Bloggers! Let’s help to counter the media blackout and show the power of bloggers and the internet!

Updated with video :

I just picked this up from DAP’s website :

Announcement : Guan Eng to address all Malaysians

Guan Eng video address to the nation will be released around 5pm today (GMT+8).

Due to expected media blackout under the caretaker Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, Lim Guan Eng will use the Internet via to address all Malaysians.

We understand the limited reach of Internet, but we believe Malaysians who wants change in this homeland of ours will propagate the video message through 3gp video, VCD, community getting together and view together, and last but not least, by word of mouth, from friends to neighbors to relatives and to acquaintances

The message of hope for Malaysia cannot be stopped by any draconian and supressive laws and policy.
The people of Malaysia will prevail! HIDUP MALAYSIA!

Let’s tell the media we have enough of their one-sided propaganda.

Meanwhile, Penang folks, you may be interested to catch Anwar tonight at the following locations :

Anwar Ibrahim ceramah in Penang on Friday night, 7th March. Please reconfirm details from Anwar Ibrahimโ€™s blog.

6) PAR/DUN : N24 Kebun Bunga, P48 Bukit Bendera
Acara : Ceramah
Masa : 8:00pm โ€“ 8.30pm
Lokasi : Jalan Mount Erskine, Fettes Park (Mount Erskine Market)
Hubungi : Beh 012-5664400

7) PAR/DUN : N37 Batu Maung, P52 Bayan Baru
Acara : Ceramah Perdana
Masa : 9:15pm โ€“ 9.45pm
Lokasi : Bilik Gerakkan PAS Pagar Buluh,
Sungai Ara (Berdekatan Sek Ren Sg Ara)
Hubungi : Azrizal 012-4984556

Of if you prefer, you can watch Pak Lak tokking at home ‘cos Pak Lah is giving a national address on TV.

See? I am fair wut, got DAP, PKR and Barisan Nasional coverage.

Wear red to the polls and let’s boycott The Star and Khairy Jamaluddin website

The mainstream media has totally blacked out the turn out last night. They failed to see that it is not about the political parties alone. It is that crowd that they choose to ignore. They refuse to acknowledge us. We are the ones who bought the newspapers from them. We are the one who gives them money. We are the ones whom the advertisers are trying to reach.

Don’t you feel insulted, Penangites? That The Star has purposely left us out in the cold? We don’t expect them to sing praises for DAP but at least, they should give us the 30,000 people some respect that we have come together as a community. Tell our fellow Malaysians that we Penangites can gather in crowds of 30,000 or maybe more together peacefully, jovially and friendly. We were not even there to protest or anything. We were there just to listen.

At the ceramah yesterday, Lim Guan Eng suggested to us to wear red colour shirts to the poll and put a smile on our face. I am going to do that. What about you? It is not what Guan Eng asked me. It is what our Government and our media has irked me. I do it because I am pissed. I am pissed because we are all treated like morons. I am pissed because MCA leader is treated like Jesus the Saviour in those Astro ads. Ptui!!! Spare me the ‘I am in trouble and then, Ong Ka Ting comes along….’.

Finally, the video of JeffOoi asking us to wear red too! And he sang Mari Mengundi.

There is another video on this site with Teresa Teng’s song that is so often sung by Siti Nurhaliza as well. But you got to see how the crowd responded to JeffOoi.

Part Two
– please don’t leave any comments about part two. It is here for a reason. ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the other hand, do you know that Khairy Jamaluddin has just launched a website today? Laman web Khairy ada di rembau dot net dot my.

But I need to tell KJ’s webmaster something. We are a poor nation. Our broadband is still not fast enough to support your video streaming. It cause lagging. And your email is printed wrongly in The Star. LMAO. It takes my blog buddy OrganicSamm to tell them. Tomorrow is election day. Today is a bit too late to reach out to the netizens. Plus that video that never stop talking sucks. My blog buddy, lawyer Pablo pointed Khairy tipu kita pasal harga minyak Petronas.

And please thank me that I have helped you to broadcast the link on four of my blogs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you wish to hire me for SEO matters, I am an expert in Googlewashing. But I need at least a few millions USD to Googlewash that long, long lists of old posts about KJ.

REMEMBER – Tell your friends to wear Red to the poll if they are pissed too. Show them we are not happy being treated like morons with all the one-sided propagandas. And Penangites, we have been ignored. Wear red and shake them.

DAP Ceramah that rocks Penang – Crowd estimated between 30K to 50K

You can feel the excitement in the air when the whole neighbourhood start going out at the same time. We took the bike there and many people were walking towards Han Chiang (which is within walking distance from my house as well).

I felt a sense of togetherness when I see people wearing red shirts! It is not often that we come together as a community in this way. What more, it is all voluntary and not bind by any faith or any association uniform. We wear a red shirt because we want to. That’s what make it so heart-warming.

(can you see the distance between the sea of people and the stage? This is only half of the field)

The moment we got on our bike, it started to drizzle and that got me very worried because I took my DSLR along and that baby costs me RM5K there. I cannot afford rain water! But thank God the rain stop after about 15 minutes. I heard many elderly folks said that it is a blessing from heaven.

However, inspite of the rain, people just keep walking towards the venue, ignoring the rain. There are no proper place to sit, it is just one big muddy field but no one cares! It is unbelievable that the fussy folks can just stand, sit or squat in the darkness to do something they believe in. It has to be something big that compelled them to actually put aside all the discomforts, their busyness, their dry and cosy home, watching Astro or shopping in the aircond supermarket. Otherwise, why would all these people bother go out of their way, braving traffic jam, wet field, rain?

I was so in awe that I forget about my main purpose of going. My main purpose was to take photos but I forget all about it because it is the first time I got the chance to hear the ceramah from all the other DAP candidates. Each of them have their own angle of reaching out to us. PKR Datuk Zahrain (name?) was there representing Datuk Seri Wan Azizah (because we heard Datuk Hishamuddin is in Permatang Pauh) and he blended in so well with the crowds who are mostly Chinese.

Chong Eng called for women’s voices and she got an overwhelming response. Lim Guan Eng was funny as usual as he told us about the names that Lim Keng Yaik, Ong Ka Ting and Koh Tsu Koon said about him in the previous night. Many of the other candidates have their own way of getting the crowd to response to them.

But our blogger, Jeff Ooi earned my respect. I have not been to any of his ceramahs in these last 10 days. I had been wondering how Jeff is going to blend into Jelutong which are mostly the lower income people. In fact, as one blogger to another, I do feel worried how is he going to communicate with them. Previously, Karpal Singh was known as the Tiger of Jelutong and it is not easy to live up to Karpal Singh’s charisma and aura.

But our dear Jeff Ooi which every bloggers know, rocks them! The announcement was made in Mandarin and Hokkien (the more articulate one which I have difficulty understanding) and people were already excited about it. The women around me told each other excitedly, “wah, ee holiao lor”. I was expecting some veteran guy or even Karpal Singh. It turns out they are talking about Jeff Ooi!

When it was Jeff, I suddenly feel proud that we have a blogger there. The mention of the blogger make me feel like shouting, “I am a blogger too!” He has lost his voice but he belted out three songs with his guitar. Fuyoh, I didn’t know that Jeff can sing so well! The crowd sang along with him too. I got the video of the whole session and hope to upload it when my line is ok.

Right now, I am blogging with my Celcom line because for some strange reason the Streamyx line at home is dead. (conspiracy?) I cannot upload much photos. Anyway, I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was mesmerized by the talks.

Now that I see this huge crowd, I get more fidgety. Do I see a streak of light? Am I going to be part of the people who are going to rejoice come 8th March? Or will I be with them, feeling disappointed that all the talks, the fireworks (yes, there are fireworks too), the RM123K collected tonight are not enough to help us realized that dream of seeing a change?

When Guan Eng was talking, I suddenly felt the need to pray. And I prayed to the Heavenly Father to look down on all of us here. Only God knows how each of them think and feel, what hope and wishes are in their minds. I am afraid that I have a life I considered fulfilled and I have no particular needs to ask. I am a satisfied person. But if God knows why these people are there, why they need to be there, then let there be change for the better.

When I see Karpal Singh in his wheelchair and his two arms all weak, too weak to even position the mike, I pray that this man will finally see victory for all the years he had given to his belief. I don’t know what drove him to do what he had done for all those people, getting into ISA for them and etc. But there must be something magnanimous in them, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim and all those opposition parties people. They are losers in the political game most of the time but they keep going on and on and on. But they are winners in God’s eyes, I can see it.

So, Lord, gives us wisdom to make the right choice.

Please go to this Malaysian Insider and take a look at the crowd. Speechless, I tell you. Another photo that says a million words is from TV Smith’s My Ceramah is bigger than your ceramah. Malaysiakini full report here.

P/S : I must have missed reading about the EC chairman’s house being inked. LOL, go see the photo on Malaysiakini. Don’t miss the lame excuse he made when questioned by Malaysiakini.

DAP Ceramah 6th March, 2008 Thursday is at Han Chiang Stadium

I attended the DAP ceramah in Air Putih and Lim Guan Eng, Liew Chin Tong and Rayer reminded Penangites that the final and the biggest DAP ceramah is at HAN CHIANG STADIUM.

Time : 8 pm

Fake emails and sms-es are floating around that it is at PISA. Do not get con. Call DAP office to reconfirm. We were told that as the date of the 12th general election gets nearer, more dirty tactics (like this diversion) will surface. Beware.

DAP Official websites :

Please be reminded that there are only two DAP Malaysia official websites (1) (2)

And if you cannot find the updates, try JeffOoi or Liew Chin Tong‘s blogs. Don’t trust or rely on other info, not even my info or my site.

Here’s a Youtube clip of the earlier ceramah in Han Chiang. See the crowds there. Bring your umbrella and something to sit because the crowd will spread to the field. I guess it is something worthwhile attending. At least, one day we can look back and remember that we were part of the crowd that changes history (or not).

I saw so many familiar faces in this video, including Helena (#2 son knows who)!

In case you wonder why RPK didn’t turn up at the ceramah in Penang the other day, read his post.

The net is so slow. I wonder if there is a conspiracy to black out the net so that we will sit down and watch RTM 1, 2 and TV3?

Tu dia! Pak Lah mai Penang dengan Siti Nurhaliza. Pi Padang Tembak dengan Ong Ka Ting

Jangan main-main ni. Did you hear that Pak Lah came to Penang with Siti Nurhaliza to Padang Tembak? Padang Tembak, as I mentioned the other day, is one of the earliest blocks of low cost flats in Penang.

I heard MCA Chairman, OKT and Gerakan deputy chief were in the entourage as well. I bet those folks in Padang Tembak are going to remember for the rest of their lives how on one election campaign in 2008, the diva and almighty big guns finally remember them. FINALLY they remember that there is such a place call Padang Tembak. (Lucia‘s blog said the ceramah by Pak Lah was boring)

Meanwhile, just a stone throw away, the residents of Air Putih all squatted in the darkness, on a basketball court, feeding the mosquitoes to listen to Lim Guan Eng, Liew Chin Tong and an Indian DAP candidate for N.32 Seri Delima Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer A/L Rajaji.

Rayer threw this question to us regarding the indelible ink. How could the IGP and EC tell us that inks were smuggled in when our country have the Customs at every checkpoints?

We also have two veteran DAP members amongst the speakers. The first one was Wong Kang Li (not sure how it is spelt in English). He is one funny guy full of points and so humorous. During his speech, he had to pause for a while because emotions overcame him. He told us about one Chinese New Year when he visited the home of Mrs. Lim Kit Siang and Betty Chew when both Senior Lim and Guan Eng were in ISA. He told of the awkwardness he felt as he didn’t know how to wish both Mrs. Lims. He said he respected Mrs. Lim KS the most for enduring those situations.

I get disgusted when our ex-PM, ex-CM, OKT and Siti Nurhaliza will go out of their ways for that fake apperances in Rifle Range just to bait for votes. I hope those folks there won’t be bought with the glam that comes once only in five years.

Anyway….Remember that Thursday’s ceramah is at Han Chiang Stadium. Let’s wear red and show that we want to see some changes.

ADDED : I condemn the high handedness of the Segamat OCPD for using force on seven-month pregnant woman DAP candidate. You can also view photos of it on Lim Kit Siang’s blog. The DAP candidate is from the same place as our super stud CSL – Labis. Anyway, I hope Teo Eng Ching is fine and I salute her for her dedication.

And please read the comments of the lawyers/readers expressed regarding Datuk Wong Chun Wai ‘s very skewed article, using religions to frighten us.

RPK ceramah only on the mainland

I was about to leave my home for the ceramah but I did a last minute check and found this posted on Malaysia-Today :

Police have canceled RPK’s talk on the island, please make it to the mainland if you can

Posted by kasee
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Just received word from Haris and RPK that they are not allowed to come to Penang island (Air Putih, Rifle Range, Pulau Tikus) to participate in any of the ceramah!!!

Please pass the word around and try to make it to Bagan (Kampung Paya) or Chai Leng park playground, both starting at 8pm tonight, Tuesday 4/3/08 as RPK, Haris Ibrahim and Ronnie Liu will be there.

The BN have upped the ante.

Tell your friends about this. It is only 8.44 pm.

And yes, I am still mad that the Election Commission of Malaysia has wasted RM2.4 million on indelible ink which they have no intention to use but more just to fool us. The way I see it, it was just their tactic to stall for time and to appease the demands from BERSIH. They probably had bluffed us so that we go ahead with election thinking that it is going to be a free and fair one. Now that it is too late for any parties to do anything, they can start to call all the 128 years old and above voters to come out and vote.

I wonder if they want to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller song as their Barisan Nasional anthem?