Siapa nak beli komputer i-Dola dan Jean-i?

It is a beautiful morning. I am not wearing my contact lenses or spectacles. I have a plate of lontong on the table. The lontong is flavoured with lots of chillies, ikan bilis, fried tempe (yang awet muda muka Khir Toyo tuuuuu) and coconut milk gravy.

I turn the pages of The Star. I put one of my leg up on the chair…You know…the kind of sitting posture that will get your mom to whack your head from behind if she sees it? But hey, I am the mommy! I can sit whichever way I want. I make the rules. I don’t have to worry that no man will want to marry me because my knees are on the same level with the table. I am married!

So, I have an almost fatal experience. The crispy ikan bilis nearly shot through my nostrils. The tempe once soaked in the santan gravy, almost choked me.


LUSAKA (Zambia): Three months from now, Malaysians will be able to buy the i-Dola laptop and Jean-i personal computer (PC) at basement prices.

Mimos is now ready to licence the production of the Malaysian computer codenamed Mak Cik, which it took two years to develop. The laptop and PC are named after the Prime Minister and his wife.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the laptop would cost RM1,000, and the PC RM500.

“I have tested the computers and am happy with their performance,” said Dr Ongkili, who was here to attend the Global Southern Africa International Dialogue.

“They are wireless, Internet-based designs and need not be connected to fixed lines. To reduce costs, they do not have hard discs. You use a thumb drive instead.”

It is understood that the i-Dola and Jean-i will be as fast as computers using Intel Pentium 4 processors.

Harlowww!!!! I do not need Pak Lah on my lap, lah woi! And neither the men want a female version on theirs.

But the ultimate insult…..

He said the computers are targeted at students, businesses and housewives.

(source : Star)

Niamah. iTulan. iNo Money to buy a new laptop yet but iCertainly won’t lug around Pak Lah with me. iWas thinking of getting a MacBook yesterday, the lowest version going for RM3.5K. But cannot decide if iWant to become a true Mac fan yet.

KNN, tell me which country in the world names their computer after their political leaders’ names? iBush, iBlair……(sorry, I do not know other countries leaders’ names)

Wakakakaka…..i-Dola – The computer that is in permanent SLEEP and HIBERNATE mode.

Malaysiakini said Pak Lah’s popularity hits new low.  Basement already, lower masuk 6 feet under.

Wear red to the polls and let’s boycott The Star and Khairy Jamaluddin website

The mainstream media has totally blacked out the turn out last night. They failed to see that it is not about the political parties alone. It is that crowd that they choose to ignore. They refuse to acknowledge us. We are the ones who bought the newspapers from them. We are the one who gives them money. We are the ones whom the advertisers are trying to reach.

Don’t you feel insulted, Penangites? That The Star has purposely left us out in the cold? We don’t expect them to sing praises for DAP but at least, they should give us the 30,000 people some respect that we have come together as a community. Tell our fellow Malaysians that we Penangites can gather in crowds of 30,000 or maybe more together peacefully, jovially and friendly. We were not even there to protest or anything. We were there just to listen.

At the ceramah yesterday, Lim Guan Eng suggested to us to wear red colour shirts to the poll and put a smile on our face. I am going to do that. What about you? It is not what Guan Eng asked me. It is what our Government and our media has irked me. I do it because I am pissed. I am pissed because we are all treated like morons. I am pissed because MCA leader is treated like Jesus the Saviour in those Astro ads. Ptui!!! Spare me the ‘I am in trouble and then, Ong Ka Ting comes along….’.

Finally, the video of JeffOoi asking us to wear red too! And he sang Mari Mengundi.

There is another video on this site with Teresa Teng’s song that is so often sung by Siti Nurhaliza as well. But you got to see how the crowd responded to JeffOoi.

Part Two
– please don’t leave any comments about part two. It is here for a reason. 😉

On the other hand, do you know that Khairy Jamaluddin has just launched a website today? Laman web Khairy ada di rembau dot net dot my.

But I need to tell KJ’s webmaster something. We are a poor nation. Our broadband is still not fast enough to support your video streaming. It cause lagging. And your email is printed wrongly in The Star. LMAO. It takes my blog buddy OrganicSamm to tell them. Tomorrow is election day. Today is a bit too late to reach out to the netizens. Plus that video that never stop talking sucks. My blog buddy, lawyer Pablo pointed Khairy tipu kita pasal harga minyak Petronas.

And please thank me that I have helped you to broadcast the link on four of my blogs. 😉 If you wish to hire me for SEO matters, I am an expert in Googlewashing. But I need at least a few millions USD to Googlewash that long, long lists of old posts about KJ.

REMEMBER – Tell your friends to wear Red to the poll if they are pissed too. Show them we are not happy being treated like morons with all the one-sided propagandas. And Penangites, we have been ignored. Wear red and shake them.

Tu dia! Pak Lah mai Penang dengan Siti Nurhaliza. Pi Padang Tembak dengan Ong Ka Ting

Jangan main-main ni. Did you hear that Pak Lah came to Penang with Siti Nurhaliza to Padang Tembak? Padang Tembak, as I mentioned the other day, is one of the earliest blocks of low cost flats in Penang.

I heard MCA Chairman, OKT and Gerakan deputy chief were in the entourage as well. I bet those folks in Padang Tembak are going to remember for the rest of their lives how on one election campaign in 2008, the diva and almighty big guns finally remember them. FINALLY they remember that there is such a place call Padang Tembak. (Lucia‘s blog said the ceramah by Pak Lah was boring)

Meanwhile, just a stone throw away, the residents of Air Putih all squatted in the darkness, on a basketball court, feeding the mosquitoes to listen to Lim Guan Eng, Liew Chin Tong and an Indian DAP candidate for N.32 Seri Delima Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer A/L Rajaji.

Rayer threw this question to us regarding the indelible ink. How could the IGP and EC tell us that inks were smuggled in when our country have the Customs at every checkpoints?

We also have two veteran DAP members amongst the speakers. The first one was Wong Kang Li (not sure how it is spelt in English). He is one funny guy full of points and so humorous. During his speech, he had to pause for a while because emotions overcame him. He told us about one Chinese New Year when he visited the home of Mrs. Lim Kit Siang and Betty Chew when both Senior Lim and Guan Eng were in ISA. He told of the awkwardness he felt as he didn’t know how to wish both Mrs. Lims. He said he respected Mrs. Lim KS the most for enduring those situations.

I get disgusted when our ex-PM, ex-CM, OKT and Siti Nurhaliza will go out of their ways for that fake apperances in Rifle Range just to bait for votes. I hope those folks there won’t be bought with the glam that comes once only in five years.

Anyway….Remember that Thursday’s ceramah is at Han Chiang Stadium. Let’s wear red and show that we want to see some changes.

ADDED : I condemn the high handedness of the Segamat OCPD for using force on seven-month pregnant woman DAP candidate. You can also view photos of it on Lim Kit Siang’s blog. The DAP candidate is from the same place as our super stud CSL – Labis. Anyway, I hope Teo Eng Ching is fine and I salute her for her dedication.

And please read the comments of the lawyers/readers expressed regarding Datuk Wong Chun Wai ‘s very skewed article, using religions to frighten us.

Woohoo! Let the posters war begins for the 12th Malaysia General Election

Added : Malaysia election day is on March 8th 2008. Jangan lupa pergi undi. Hari mengundi mesti pandai-pandai pangkah.

DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT…Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at noon today announces the dissolution of Parliament at his office in Putrajaya with effect from today until 16 May 2009; 15 months earlier than the expiry of its five-year term, to pave way for the 12th general election. Pic: Mahayudin Mohamad

Just to remind you, you can be an observer at the Malaysia General Election. Find out how from my previous post. If you are a blogger, you should volunteer. Very bloggable materials, you know? I cannot because I have to jaga anak.

Date: 24 Feb. 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 2.00pm – 7.00pm
Venue: Pusat Keuskupan Katolik (PKK), Ground Floor, 290 Jalan Macalister,
(few blocks away from YMCA on the left and Island Hospital
on the right – PKK is
on the right)
Closing date: 22 Feb. 2008
Free registration! Hurry up to register. Limited space.

For registration or more information, please contact BK Ong at tel.
013-5900339 or Lucia Lai at email lucial dot gmail dot com.

So, what happens during the previous general elections?

1) Lim Kit Siang did ‘kor-tai’ of singing Hokkien song ‘Ai pneah cha eh ea’. It was two general elections ago and I actually followed Lim Kit Siang’s ceramah all over the Penang island. Unfortunately, DAP lost miserably.

2) Anwar Ibrahim’s black eye was the attention in the following election. Again, unfortunately Keadilan, now PKR, failed to win because we believed the mainstream media.

That’s how much I remember about the previous general elections campaign. Those are the noteworthy ones.

Of course, you will be seeing a lot of politicians and their machais walking around wet markets and hawker centres shaking hands before the 12th Malaysia General Election. Go play far-far, don’t disturb me if I am eating.

Now, one other interesting thing we are seeing this year is the appearance of Jeff Ooi in Penang. I am surprised that Jeff Ooi is that famous. During the Chinese New Year gathering, my nephew and my brother asked me about Jeff Ooi contesting in Penang. Fuyoh, they think I know Jeff Ooi kah? No lah, I don’t know him.

(heh, camwhore sikit sama Jeff Ooi tak boleh kah?)

One thing that every one seems to say is “Jeff Ooi is not local, how can he understands the locals’ problems?”

Now, what’s so special about local problems, you tell me? We have the same kind of problems every where in this country lah. Hawkers not getting their proper place to trade, hawkers got bad treatment from MPPP, schools not enough funds, Chinese schools not allowed to do this, do that, bla bla bla, yadda yadda yadda….SME factories not given enough help, yadda yadda yadda….The problems are all the same. In fact, if we put a new face here, I bet they have to work doubly hard to impress the locals. So, locals or not, not a problem.

I wonder what kind of scandals or gossips are coming out from the closet on this 12th General Election? Bring it on! Good for blogging topics.

No Pak Lah, I don’t want my kids to go for single session school

KUALA LUMPUR: To keep children safe from danger, the Prime Minister has suggested that a single session for schools be implemented.Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said this would mean students starting school as they were doing now and ending at 4pm.

“If it can be done, it will be a massive exercise,” he told reporters yesterday after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting.

“This will be a relief when both parents know their children are in school so they will be safer.”

(full news)

With all due respect to Pak Lah and his efforts in preventing deaths and rapes, I think there are many things we have to take into consideration before we implement this idea.

School starts at 7 + am and finished at 1 pm to 2.30 pm right now.
We live in a hot tropical country and many classes barely have fans that work. The schedule is taxing as it is. How can we subject our kids to cram into the type of classrooms we have from 7 am right till 4 pm and then attend further curricular activities until their parents finished work at 5pm?

I am a mother who has sacrificed my job to be there for my kids. So, why should I want to have them stuck in school for such a long time when I can provide them a home instead of cold, hard floors of the school?

I live next to the primary school and year in year out, I have seen so many poor kids stuck in school until they parents fetch them after their work.

If the Government is really caring, we should have thought of these little children many, many years ago. How hard is it for the Government to set up day care centres where school children have a nice, comfortable place to go to after school. Some place where they can just relax, take a bath, have their meals and play. PLAY. How expensive can it be to build such buildings and provide the basic amenities? I know some Chinese schools took the initiative and they do have such facilities, funded by the parents and run by volunteers.

One more thing, teachers are already going crazy over the kids. Yes, nowadays school kids are terribly hard to manage. Give them more hours to stay with kids, they will end up in the asylum.

Therefore, I hope our leaders will give due thoughts and implement something for these latchkey kids. I am sure the number of latchkeys kids in our country is huge.

Budget 2008 – It is an election budget. Period.

The above is taken from my son’s blog Kamikaze-Skateboard. The red bar is inserted by him. The rest are real info.

As I am writing this, the broadband speed is like shit. So damn slow can die.

Yet, our PM is promising so much about improving jalur lebar (broadband). Oi, Pak Lah, nak Fisherman’s Friend kah? Nak Ubat batuk ibu dan anak kah?

Well, folks, as expected, it is an election budget. All orang asli, Chinese, Tamil schools etc etc get the perks. Free textbooks, no school fees etc etc yadda yadda yadda. Our Government is a caring one. Taking care of every layer of society. yadda yadda yadda. Yawnnnnn

My accountant husband is watching. I am blogithon-ing.

And my post which I made yesterday is already on 2nd place on Google. Boy, my SEO skill is damn cun! Budget 2008, bajet 2008 results semua saya pun ada. All you can find it on 5xmom. 90% lies, 9% blur sotong, 1% truth.

**ADDED : Yahoo – #1 is 5xmom budget malaysia 2008

#2 on Yahoo for bajet malaysia

#4 on Google bajet 2008

Of Catholic Bishops of Malaysia, Mederka,(and the Pigs and Dogs issue)

Message of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia on the Golden Jubilee of Merdeka

The Catholic Bishops of Malaysia rejoice with all Malaysians as we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Merdeka, 50 years of independence, freedom and nationhood. There is much for us to celebrate as we have made outstanding progress and achieved great development to stand out as one of the most developed countries in South East Asia.

However, as we celebrate our success, we should also be aware of areas of concern which have surfaced in recent years, namely religious and racial tensions, corruption and a rising crime rate.

Racial and religious tensions have been heightened by increasing infringements on the fundamental right to freedom of religion which is enshrined in the Constitution, and a growing perception that non-Muslims’ religions and concerns are diminished or neglected. To move ahead and for Malaysians to continue to be united, we must adhere to the social contract arrived at by our founding fathers, the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara, our national ideology.

We urge the government and elected Representatives of Parliament and State legislatures as custodians of the rights of all Malaysians to address these issues directly. They should not let the growing number of individuals of a predominant group in the civil and armed services and the executive branches of governance to act in ways which are prejudicial or hurtful to the sensibilities of non-Muslims and those of other faiths.

In addition, the government should hold dialogues between followers of various religions in the country, not only to foster greater understanding and harmony among our people of different faiths, but also to resolve by consensus, the various problems and obstacles to the peace and prosperity of our beloved nation.

We are concerned about continued reports of corruption and lack of transparency and accountability, and urge the Government to be more proactive in the eradication of corruption and more transparent in its administration of public funds and projects.

We are concerned with the rising crime rate and fear that our country may be heading towards a breakdown of enforcement of law and order if the situation is allowed to continue. It is timely for the Government to reform the Royal Malaysia Police Force for effective implementation of a better policing system.

In our role as Malaysian citizens and as leaders in the Catholic Church, we work towards and pray for the very best that our nation deserves.

As such, urge you not to be dispirited by such recurring problems and to become catalysis of nation-building especially by promoting inter-racial and inter-religious harmony, “For he is the peace between us, and has made the two into one and broken down the barrier which used to keep them apart, actually destroying in his own person the hostility caused by the rules and decrees of the Law” (Ep 2:
14-16) and integrity in your civic duties.

May Almighty God continue to bless Malaysia with continued peace and prosperity.

Sincerely in Christ,

Archbishop Murphy Pakiam


21 August 2007.

**unquote** (thanks to Mental Jog for this online copy)

I attended a very uplifting Merdeka mass celebrated by our parish priest, Father F.A of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Penang. He shared the above message from the Archbishop and I just managed to get my hands on the online version. As a layperson and a docile person, I thought that the world is all rosy and pretty. But these few months, my eyes are much opened to all the injustice, the treatment received by the poor and marginalised, the brutal killings and crimes committed by children and a lot of other things related to our differences in race and religion.

That’s why sometimes, as a Catholic Christian, the heart tugs. On one hand, I wish to speak up. On the other hand, I am afraid. However, I know that God wants us to spread kindness on His kingdom and only God can help us to find the right words and right thing to say.

I opened the papers today and was greeted by the carrot dangles by our PM for the 2008 Malaysian Budget. Housing perks. What housing? People are too poor to even find foods and earn a living. I may be negative but mention housing, I see huge tenders and lousy workmanship. I picture rows of haphazardly built house with bocor (leaking) roofs.

(I love my piggie….Who’s the good piggie….(ala Simpson Movie) )

50,000 healthy pigs were supposed to be culled. Pigs can mean many things. It is food, for God’s sake. My God, i.e. Piggies are cute animals. It is money to the farmers who sweat and toil taking care of those stinky shits plus the nice meats. It could be considered a threat to the pride of the Chinese. It can also be used as a sign of wielding power by other parties. It is not as simple as killing 50,000 pigs because they want to be environmental friendly. Don’t they think of the repercussion and what kind of feelings are brewing in the thoughts of the Chinese?

proscuitto and salami
(from my post taken from Food Haven)

You call my daily staple foods, shit?
Fine. Cos you never taste prosciutto or bak ew phok.
You said those are haram?
Fine. We understand.
How far do you think we can take it?
Tak suka? Balik T’ngsua lah! (t’ngsua = China)
That’s the mentality. We know.

Kill dogs and get rewarded. What kind of farking inconsiderate thought is that? It is all good to keep our communities from stray dogs. But to offer money to kill dogs? Where did the Council find so much money to throw on dogs? What are their councils labourers doing? I think we get better bounty from, “RM2 untuk satu kepala yang korup” (I mean, reward of Ringgit Two for each corrupted officials). I bet we can earn a lot of money, no? A whole lot of money.

Nah, like to comment so much, kasi lu orang komen lah.