One week since 12GE and the circus we witnessed

A week ago, we never expect a huge political tsunami to hit us, especially Selangor, Perak, Penang and Kedah (plus Kelantan). The election result was probably the most thrilling. Much more thrilling than watching any World Cup, Thomas Cup or Olympics. It is because we were part of the culprits which caused the upsets.

Some people see it as an election of winning. I see it as an election of losing. Between seeing the people I voted for winning and watching the fall of Samy Vellu, Zainuddin Maidin, that ex-Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk FU and the demise of MCA and Gerakan in Penang, I have to admit that I was happier looking at the losers.

Coincidences had led me to mingle with the voters and it is through the direct interactions with those people that make me realised a lot of things. It was an election that has brought us all together as one united force. On the eve of the election day, PAS had a mass prayers with all Muslims, the Christians too had called for every Christians to pray and I am sure all the other faiths too have their own prayers. For one single occasion like this, all of us came together as one.

But once the election is over and the new state Government just about to take over, sore losers are out to create chaos. I see it as a disrespect of our choices. Let’s see the circus…in briefs:

Ong Ka Ting and Koh Tsu Koon took the gentlemen way of offering to step down as an act of responsibility. Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon earned my respect most.

Tun Mahathir hinted to Pak Lah to do the same because Tun said Japanese would commit harakiri as a dignified way of going out. His son echoed Tun’s suggestion. The whole scenario of asslickers played out in front of our eyes through national TV and papers. But I wonder where is KJ? I noted Hishamuddin has taken on a milder approach. (smart move but too late)

The Federal Government who won a slim majority continue to live in denial. Relevant, masih relevan, still relevant are the last straws they hang on to. Even an uneducated woman like me knows how grave the situation is. The country lost some of her richest states. The Federal Government has mostly MPs from the East Malaysia. I am now looking forward to the appointment of the Ministers and the Parliament meetings. I think we can unsubscribe Astro and just enjoy the members of Parliament show. I guarantee it will be filled with humour, suspense, drama, emotions and horrors.

The finger pointing started too. Chua Jui Meng blamed Ong Ka Ting. Ong Ka Chuan who is one of the few MCA members surviving suddenly become a hero and tried to take on Lim Guan Eng. Lim Keng Yaik and Ong Ka Chuan blamed Lim Kit Siang for ‘selling’ out the Perak state to PAS.

Until now, I still believe LKS’s statement on boycotting the swearing in of the Perak MB have a lot of untold things. The case in Perak is almost solved. Meanwhile, I read that Selangor PAS and UMNO had a secret meeting.

The most jialat sore losers of all, UMNO showed their worst sides. We are all so thankful that we have voted them out of our state. They tried pitting Malays against Malays and Malays against Chinese. I do not understand why they have to continue having the ‘victim mentality’ of demanding for rights like they are some slaves with no land, no dignity and no respect.

The media continue fooling us. JeffOoi just revealed what kind of thing Bernama is stuffing into our minds. I wonder how long the media can continue to play the racial card on us? Below is a quote taken from Bernama to our CM YAB Lim Guan Eng for misquoting LGE.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the sloppy editing in the news story of March 12, 2008, which we mistakenly quoted you as commenting on the May 13 incident as well.

Then, there is a big boo-boo with regards to the Perlis MB. Pak Lah chose one, the Sultan picked another. Now, Pak Lah left the guy he chose stand-swimming. See the kind of leader we have?

I see UMNO cracking. I see MCA cracking. And if Gerakan survives, then, it is probably because they are smaller and hence, less internal fighting.

Of course, the most ‘historical’ is our beloved Mr. Sami Bulu who refused to disappear in a dignified way. I wonder if we are going to miss him or is he going to be around to provide us some laughs?

Regular Joe and Jane like you and I don’t really feel or bother about the impact of changing state government. Life goes on as usual for us except that we get to enjoy laughing at so many ugly sides of those ex-politicians surfacing in times of crisis. But I really wonder how those taukehs, ali babas, kroni and etc are going to survive now that they need to start ass-licking from the ground up? I tell you hor, it is not easy wor.

One week only and we already have so much excitement of a street protest in Penang, banners asking for Pak Lah to resign in KL, now-you-get it, now you don’t Menteri Besar appointments and hysterical leeches who lost the big fat thigh they suck on and decide to sue the Chief Minister of Penang. This is so fun. How can you not love politics for the humor, lies, life and sex (scandals) they provide? There are just so much of The Most Obnoxious 5xmom elements, isn’t it?

Hidup 5xmom! 5xmom tak akan lenyap di Malaysia. Bwahahaha. Capalang, hampalang, siaolang.

Post election = asslickers and shits stuffers galore

If I hear more ‘masih relevan’ and ‘kami sokong bla bla bla’, I think I will smash my TV.

I was taking a nap around 8 pm, soundly asleep on a rainy evening when these two farking words were repeated by some asslicker morons. So, it jolted out of my nap.

“bla bla bla masih relevan”

Whatever happened to the other day ‘tak relevan’?

And how da hell so many unknowns, asslickers and losers become prime time news celebrities? They come in all shapes with the same farking “saya masih sokong bla bla bla…”

Hello….encik, saya tak kenal kamu lah. Jadi kata-kata kamu tak relevan.

Do you know that they even interview bloggers’ most-hated Mr. Zam? Puhthuiii….

Dah kalah, mengaku aje lah….Ikut Koh Tsu Koon dan Ong Ka Ting. Berani jadi jantan. Kambek lima tahun baru mula lagi.

You may say, “Gila kah engkau? Siapa suruh hang tonton RTM1? Rumah hang tak ada Assthrow kah?”

(hang = Penang Malay dialect for ‘you’)

But you see, pre-election, they stuff shits. Post elections, they stuff shits. But post election lagi jialat lor. They rope in morons asslickers to stuff shits into the 50% of the nation that already loud-loud said, ‘WE HAVE ENOUGH.’

I purposely catch the news because I like to compare the real situation and the mainstream news and media. I never expect that I would come to a stage where I read Harakahdaily and find it lebih relevan. It is sickening how they twisted the words around to fool our folks.

BTW, I wonder what if the famous son-in-law become Internal Security Minister? Mampus aku kena sumbat masuk makan nasi berlauk pasir?

Like RPK said, jangan jadi ‘Bodoh punya orang‘ by listening to the mainstream media.

I hope you have subscribed to Malaysiakini? It is only RM15 per month. Ditch that The Star, saves you 50%, saves lots of trees and plenty of stress. I bet you won’t read this from The Star tomorrow about this example of asslicker :

Interestingly, the first bouquet sent to Lim’s office today to congratulate the DAP’s “historical win” was from the controversial RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre developer, Abad Naluri.

“So fast?” a surprised Lim said when told by a journalist on this. The new CM added that previously it had been very difficult for him to meet with the developer.

To my new readers, this is my regular style of blogging. In fact, this is a toned down way of my regular style because I normally spell the F word with a u and not a. I do not care if my readers like to see or read what I said. I always say and write what I think. Not what readers want to read. So, get use to it, please. To my regular kakis, I have changed the template. New posts on the blue section. Older posts in summary below. I know you don’t like it. I don’t care wor. 😛 CIBAI! Nah, I change back liao.

Warkah untuk PM – (was) An open letter to Pak Lah

* a re-post*

Dear Pak Lah

Please tell me….


Four girls who were victims of the molester, were also brought to the building by police to assist in investigations.

(source : The Star)

One girl went missing.

One girl brutally murdered and raped.

And our police are still :

looking for
trying to ascertain
*inserts other reasons*


When the Chua Soi Lek sex DVD leaked out, there are so many police who have so much time to go from door to door to investigate? Catching VCD peddlars?


When one girl got molested, nothing was done?
When two girls got molested, nothing was done?
When three girls got molested, nothing was done?
When four girls got molested, nothing was done?

Then, adik Nurin died brutally, so brutal I cannot even face the reality of it (because I am a mother and a bereaved mom) and nothing was done?

And now, adik Sharlinie is missing and I also dare not think about it (because my own youngest son is the same age as her and I cannot imagine having a son gone missing in this way) and we are still :

looking for
trying to ascertain
*inserts other reasons*

Pak Lah, please tell me.

Is it because our Malaysian criminals are really that darn smart, they can evade the law?

Or is it otherwise?

As what I understand, the crimes took place at around the same place.
Don’t these little girls lives matter to you?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Six whys for each of the little girls.

May Allah protect adik Sharlinie from harm. I mean the Muslims’ Allah. Otherwise, Pak Lah, I know you cannot sleep well because these four little girls’ future are badly bruised, the hearts of adik Nurin’s family are forever broken and only God knows what will happen to adik Sharlinie.

You make me very disappointed. You are our Prime Minister of Malaysia. You are in charge of Internal Security. You are supposed to keep us from harm. But people get killed in broad day light. Little girls got molested again and again and again and again and we don’t see justice done. It is the repeated occurrence that saddened me most.

How am I going to explain to my little boy? I showed him adik Sharlinie’s photo and told him that this little girl has been taken by bad guys. I said he must always stay close to me when we go out. I told him that we must pray that she will be ok. And he asked me, “Why the police no catch the bad guys leh?”

How do I answer that, Pak Lah? This is not just one occurence. This has happened to five other girls, in the same area.

Oh yes, Pak Lah, please enjoy your trip. And please tell your Ministers, including the Education Minister that CCTVs will not solve crimes. Not when our country is so hard up for major developments like the NCER, ECER macam-macam pun ER. All the mommies and daddies have to work harder and no amount of CCTVs can replace that kind of security that parents normally provide for their children. Please prove to me a country where they have CCTVs everywhere and their crime rate is the lowest in the world. Otherwise, Pak Lah, I know our hard earned gaji will spent on CCTVs which will probably rosak when it is needed most. I live long enough to know this fact.

Sedih, Pak Lah, sedih.

Please visit Nurin‘s blog maintained by her uncle. Please read this post ‘An evening at Taman Sri Medan

many Rela and Policemen there, have they found her? But no, she was still missing. Then shouldn’t the Rela and Policemen and the scores of people be somewhere else looking for Nini? Then I realise the reality check, the scores of people, the swamp of reporters, the “platoons” of Policemen and Rela personnels were actually there because there were some VVIPs at Nini’s grandparents house at that time. So that’s the reason for the cordoning, diversion of traffic and the heavy presence of Rela and Policemen! Aargh! I really felt like a fool thinking something big was happening there.

But something big was happening indeed. Our PM’s wife and the Selangor MB and his wife were there, at Nini’s grandparents house.”

and see how our police have gotten their priorities all wrong. Doesn’t such things make you very, very mad?

(this is a re-post because my original post went missing when I moved server in January)

Pak Lah, You don’t be racial

Added : If you are looking for election comedy video pak lah, it is over on the link provided.

I am pissed when I see this headline :

Pak Lah: Don’t be racial

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Pak Lah or Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went to a school and tell our school children not to be racial? This is sick. Our children are not racial. They are innocent children. How can an adult brings up this race issue to school children?

Malaysians must not harbour racial prejudice in their hearts, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The Prime Minister said there should not be any confrontation among the races as it would jeopardise peace and stability.

“I want Malaysia to be a peaceful country. We must maintain the good reputation of our country,” he added when opening the RM7mil-SMK St Elizabeth Mill Hill Franciscan Centennial Hall at Jalan Oya yesterday.

(taken from The Star Online)

Well, I do not know if there are school children there but if it is a school, then, definitely, there are school children.

Pak Lah, let’s get over the sandiwara Cina that all the politicians are doing now. I am sick and tired of looking at all those red shirts, all those yee sang tossing, all those smiling MCA leaders, all those Gerakan leaders that cannot make a decision…nay…like our Penang CM and all those ‘Oh look mama, see how muhibbah we are! We love the Indians, We love the Chinese, We are friends with the Malays…”

Cukup lah, Pak Lah. Dah bosan ni. Bila pilihanraya? Cepat-cepat sikit. Let’s have the Malaysian General Election 2008 over and done with. I am tired of explaining what propaganda is.

You know what Pak Lah? We, the common citizens of Malaysia were never racists. We never notice our skin colour or our religious differences. We have lived peacefully. My children never have problems with the difference races. They have friends from all races. So, enough of you trying to use the race card to scare us. The more you do, the worse the damage. Those who are racists are either people from the top political parties or those who are pissed with the top politicians. The millions of us in Malaysia who mind our own business, living peacefully never have problems with racial differences.

So, who is being racial here, Pak Lah?

Islamisation of Malaysia – report

We Malaysians memang mudah lupa. So, let me recap a bit.

In September 2007

Ahmad Fairuz, the chief justice, told an Islamic conference in Kuala Lumpur that 50 years of independence had failed to free Malaysia from the “clutches of colonialism”. Sharia law should be “infused” into the gaps created by abolishing common law, he said.

(My post on Islamisation)

That led a lot of people to be concerned. Then, I attended one forum on Islamisation of Malaysia held in my church, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

I came back and blogged about the forum. I openly write all these because the forum is meant to educate and inform us. We, the Catholics Christians are made aware of the laws and constitution.

Then, the case of Gan Eng Gor‘s arise which led me to post two posts to help Gan Eng Gor‘s family. Unfortunately, both times when they presented their case in the civil court (or is it high court), their cases were thrown out. What frustrates me is not the religion fights or the fight over the corpse. What makes me angry is how all our politicians, from Gerakan and MCA did not say something. Well, I don’t read it in the mainstream media of any MCA or Gerakan doing something for the Gan’s family eventhough the conversion papers are messed up. Yet, yesterday, The Star boasted how our Education Minister worked closely with Chinese schools to improve yadda yadda yadda…..

Anyway…’s an excerpt of the report of the Islamisation forum taken from The Herald which is a weekly newsletter for the Catholics. Lucille is my church parishioner who is also the lectors ministry leader.

a ploy to outwit PAS in the latter’s bid for an Islamic State, because then the government can simply say, hey, but, we’re already an Islamic State! “In their short-term quest for political mileage, the current leaders have lost all sense of moral direction to tell the truth,” said the aggrieved Dr Azmi.

The current call for Syariah law to replace Common Law is equally flawed. Among reasons offered, Dr Azmi countered it best by reasoning how wrong it is to force a source of law that is of divine origin, on people who do not believe in that divine source. It is plain that a country that has been founded as a democracy cannot be allowed to slip into a theocracy. “The Constitution is a secular document and it is the supreme law of the land — not the Bible, not the Qur’an, not the Torah, not the Vedas!” Dr Azmi declared.

Furthermore, he cautioned that a Constitution of divine origins cannot easily be debated, amended, changed or set aside, unlike a secular democracy which allows people to have a say in the manner they are governed, including the laws that govern them.

Regarding the “Allah” controversy, he is appalled at the government’s desperate attempt to mollycoddle the Muslim mind, and control “Islamic thought.”

— By Lucille Dass

(full story from Lucia’s blog)


And that’s right, that’s me (in yellow blouse) sitting behind Dr. Azmi Sharom. Aiks! At the forum, I posed one question to Dr. Azmi and Father FA. (the Indian man sitting next to Dr. Azmi and the Bishop is the man immediately after the empty seat). I asked Dr. Azmi is he ever have problems dealing with being a Muslim and yet, have to speak up against things that bothers him. I also told Father FA that as a Catholic, I sometimes have problems with ‘being a good Catholic and a real rakyat’. To me, good Christian just shut up and make peace. A real rakyat who is aware of the current situation has to speak up. Sometimes, I find it hard to be both. Father FA gave one very good answer. Don’t be a hypocrite. And that’s my ticket to rant whatever I feel when things bothers me.

BTW, psst…have you watched the tattoo video? To me it is one of those American funniest home video. Period. Yet…unless we are aware of the laws that are meant to protect and defend us, we are going to be one lost ‘dan lain-lain kaum.’ website and Gerakan Chia Kwang Chye newsletter

I caught the news that blogger, Jeff Ooi may be contesting for the Bukit Bendera, Penang seat in the Malaysia Election 2008. I live in the neighbourhood but too bad I don’t cast my vote here but in Sungai Nibong. But from a blogger to another, Jeff has my support.

Today, I got one of those spams. You know….supermarket flyers, tuition centres flyers, meals catering, kindies…cheap sales… plumbers fliers and etc stuffed into my mail box. One of them is the newsletter. Sdr Chia Kwang Chye who is the Gerakan ADUN or KADUN (beh, I never care anyway) normally sent us the newsletter to tell us what are the exciting developments going on. Rite……


And as you know, I am a webmaster since 2003, having built websites with Yahoo Geocities, Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Dreamweaver and even coding using basic html and now, owner of almost 50 sites. Blek, I just wanna boast, cannot ah?

So, I surfed over to and OMG!!! See the about page!

Seriously lah….how hard is it to maintain a site? I do it for myself and my church. I have no IT background, no go skool and even I can make sure that a site is not left in this way. Kena hack jor lor. Pai seh lor.

Sdr. Chia, please lah, don’t label your team with Cyber everything if your webmaster cannot even get the URL working well. And mai cheow si lang (don’t make us laff to death) with this kind of page. Want us to join your cyber team? Cannot even get a form to work! And your Ingrish…adoi, sia suey leh.

My point is – Politicians have to take note. The last Malaysia General Elections and this one is a lot different now. You can trudge through wet markets and hawker centres to garner votes and impress them. But you cannot impress the upper income, urban voters like us in Penang who expect more.

P/S : Gimme 5 is MY trademark, wei.

So, are you ready for the 12th Malaysia General Election yet?

Elo!! If Malaysia exports monkeys, we will have no more elections, Datuk!


I have been staring at this piece on MSN news for a few days already. It is one of those news that got us Malaysians on international headlines. You know…the kind that works against us?

So, if Malaysia is successful in exporting all the monkeys out of the country, then, there will be no more election, Datuk.

Proboscis monkey with erection!
(hehe, noted anything? This is the proboscis monkey which is an endangered species)

But wait a minute, before the politicians start jumping and accuse me, the poor, nobody blogger of implying anything…..

(following two paras just to cover my ass lah)

I am not saying that politicians are the monkeys, ok? Remember Khairi Jamaluddin once accused us bloggers as monkeys in a jungle? Aisay….forgotten? What about Zam calling us Malaysian bloggers, goblok which is the mother of all idiots?

(this is the type of monkeys the monkeys intended to export)

So, if Malaysia export us out, then, there will be less voters for Malaysia general election….Oh wait a minute, bloggers probably will be voting for the oppositions.


Seriously…are these monkeys really infected with AIDS and TB? You mean the Environmental Minister knows how bad these monkeys are and yet, they do nothing about it? All these wretched animals are very fierce and they attack people. I had been robbed by a monkey before.

By the way, did you know that our very smart and honorable *stifles laughters*, ex-MPPP council chief, Dr. Teng Hock Nan once suggested that to get rid of these pesky monkeys at the Penang Botanical Gardens, they can plant fruit trees at the fringe of the jungle so that these monkeys will go there for their buffet? In his exact own words! BUFFET! At that time, the solution suggested by the animal experts was to reduce the food supply so that these monkeys will not propagate so much. But our smart loktor got a better idea. Give these monkey buffet and welcome them, Malaysia truly Asia.

Now, you know why we have so many monkeys? Because they feel at home. Got companies mah….

Blog plug : If you want some laughs, go to 9pek9bo and read this father and son bloggers bedtime story.