Armpit hairs are gross, ok?

Few days ago, I was sitting at these step-like seats at the skate park. Two young mothers were sitting one step above me. One has a toddler and the other has her baby in her arms. I was sort of leaning and resting on my elbows on the steps.

Suddenly, my crazy toddler decided to pounce on me. I lost my balance and sort of fell backwards. At first, it was funny because toddler loves to give me a big hug and strangle me at the same time. It is our usual game where we would giggle and gaggle.

But what greeted me when I looked up freaked me out. Oh my….an armpit full of curly hairs. Puke!

Please lah, you are only a young mother. What is so hard about getting that two patches on your underarms clean? Shave it. Cream it. Pluck it. Epilate it. Wax it. Mousse it. Whatever lah. It takes just a few minutes!


I had wanted to do a review on hair removal methods but can’t find my photos at the moment. Probably next time.

So, look hard at the above pic. Women armpits aren’t suppose to have hairs, ok? Anyway, that model in the photo is the hairless armpit of my almost 3 years old. You wish! I will never show my armpits to the world wide web. Not even from my dead body. Armpits are pretty sacred nooks, right? I must thank my mother’s good genes for being hairless.

Guys, what will be your reaction if you have that perfect dream girl in your arms and fulamak! her armpits are full of hairs?

Pssst…ladies, don’t be too lazy to spend minutes getting rid of those hairs. It is ugly and the hairs will harbour bacterias which cause body odour. But hairs on male armpits are pretty turn-on, no?

Gee, I hope I don’t get flamed for writing this? Lately, some people are so touchy. They may even say that I am a sexist and a prude.


If armpit hairs turn you on, check out mywomenblog.

57 thoughts on “Armpit hairs are gross, ok?

  1. Though can’t exactly impose the death penalty on the woman who does not shave her underarms, nevertheless I agree with u women should have the good grace to do it…..
    BTW, I have a guy friend who shaved his underarms and his pubic hair…. See also want to vomit!!! Of course I suspect he’s gay…..

  2. i agree..armpit hair is sooo unsightly! sometimes whe ppl wear sleevless clothes, i check if they shave, hhahahaa. quite disgusted sometimes hehehe. shave shave shave!

  3. lilian, Julia Roberts tried to make unshaven armpits fashionable when she appeared for the premier of Notting Hill – she appeared before her fans, they roared, she lifted her hands and waved – lo and behold…they roared even louder! No – not with approval of course.

  4. big no-no girls. used to have a housemate who nvr shaves it off. n O M G, the pong was a dead giveaway but the sight was a killer!!! so BIG no-no for girls. i dun mind it on guys though. 😉

    ps. perferably to shave than pluck, although i know plucking would last longer b4 the hair started to grow again BUT because sometimes the hair follicle isnt ALL plucked out, it may cause irritation that most likely will lead to an absess. painful wor… 🙁

  5. yayaya… no armpit hairy-ness… unless your are an italian or a greek lady… but thats another whole new lifestyle. cheers!

  6. .. its ugly to keep your armpit hair.. its really ugly .. for me.. both man and women should shave their armpit… and i’m not a gay,
    just imagine.. u’re in LRT on a hot day, then a man came in,no free seat, he have to reach the bar to hold on.. and u can see all his hairy curly *blurgh-blurgh* armpit hair.. is that turn u on? hehe.. not for me though. IMHO man can keep their armpit,but not so long, if u want to have armpit hair (for guys who dont want to look as gay) please trim it, dont leave it like a jungle. its really bad. a guys with cute face but ugly armpit hair.. never turn me on! hehe

  7. no way in hell would a girl with armpit hair turn me on…not even with just a strand, and not even if she looked like a supermodel.


  8. Samm – Did you see the ads above? Pubic hair removal! Errm…I got no comment on that.

    starcrossedangel – LOL, That’s pukey!

    Jeremy C – Wow, it must be hard to be your gf. Poor girl. Not even an accidental strand? You must remember to pay her for the permanent hair removal treatment hor? Hahaha

    Blackmachine – I haven’t seen lush, rainforests before. Only belukars (small jungle). Maybe it goes with the races? Chinese are generally less hairier.

    JoeC – If it is blonde on a fair skin, probably it is not as obvious as black bush on yellow skin, hor?

    Yvy – I am blessed with a few strands. Last time when I was single (got plenty of time la), I do love to pluck it. Hahaha, but must contort the head until sakit leher. That part of the skin is not as painful as the eyebrows.

    wuching – Yes, no.

    marlinda – sama-sama gelak

  9. kak teh – I did watch Notting Hill but I don’t remember the hair part. I remember the sloppy flat mate of Hugh Grant, though.

    jc – Yeah, especially girls.

    romantic – Aiyoh…really ah? Horrors!

    Denise – Yeah, SYTs must never, ever have hairs. Not even one strand – says JeremyC.

    helen – I thot all men are supposed to have hairs on their armpits? Since when did that change, huh?

    kiasi – Of course!!! But don’t grow some tiny insects inside also la.

    king’s wife – We are from the same school of thoughts – Men are supposed to have hairy armpits.

  10. lilian – not in the film lah – she showed up at the premier of the film and that was where she lifted her hand and waced to the crowd waiting for her – and …everything is is history. Was frontapage stuff of newspapers here..hehehe!

  11. My mom said to me, “Girl, why everyday also must pluck wan?” and I would answer, “Yahlah..cannot tahan even a single strand. Since I so free, everyday check lah” Hahhaa

  12. u let me see any armpit hair on u, i will personally pull it off for you!

    or any other body hair for that matter. chest hair, leg hair, face hair…

    *evil laff*

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  14. Kaisi, please don’t shave your armpit hairs. it’ very attractive to see a womenwith long bushy armpits.
    Write to me any time.

  15. i like the girls with hairy armpits.. it looks sexy and it is manly one.. i dnt know girls shaving thier armpit hair..if a girls having hair in armpits,most mens like it..

  16. I happen to disagree with most americans, I worked for a few years in Europe in the 80’s and I thought that was the sexiest and most sensual part of a woman, to see her fuzzy underarms..GRRRR, unfortunately here in the US that is seen as gross, scary, unhygienic, unnatural. I wish women laid down their razors and gave it thoght.

  17. Most girls say hair in armpit make them feel vomit but before they should examine their bushy arms .There is nothing wrong to groom dense armpit hair instead look manly to guys and attactive to girls.

  18. Dont worry Kaisi i will be with u. Even JULIA ROBERTS and many other women celibrities are with us and indirectly supporting us.

  19. Well as an agreement:

    Women shave your armpits beginning with being 14 years old until your dead and let grow it before!

  20. You people all make me lose faith in humanity. It’s not your body do not dictate how people should have theirs!
    I saw things ‘well models do it’ You also forget most models lost hope in life and only find some little fulfullment in being who people want them to be. Idle shells of humans.
    I don’t care if people walk about like a hairy ape, nor do i mind if they are hairless, if you people have enough time to rant about other people’s bodies that must mean you are perfect, surprising i find all the perfect people in the world in one blog.
    People can do what they want with their body as long as it doesn’t hurt themselves or others… well unless people like a little pain but that is a whole other subject…
    Either way it is not for you people to decide what people should do with their bodies, it’s hair, so what, i mean if you do not find it pleasent look away, the world was not meant to please you, remember that and you may be someone worthwhile to the benefit of soeciety as a whole.

  21. I like the armpit in the picture above, it is perfect. Any who’s armpit is that, I would like to meet the person and lick it.

    So anyway, Girls should keep their pits perdectly smooth.

    I am a guy and I trim my pits.

  22. I agree with Cindy, but only for guys. Guys can let their armpit hair grow, whatever. I don’t know how they live with it though. For me, it is really relieving shaving the hairs off. It just feels icky if I have hair there and I sweat way more. Women should shave or wax or pluck. If you don’t, well, good luck with that. If I see a woman with armpit hair, I honestly think it’s disgusting. I want to puke! *gag*

  23. I have hair under my arms, even though society thinks its unnatural I swear it arrived all on its own. Its stupid to avoid nature. Shaving is a 100% manufactured need.

  24. TO Broom More Hair in facial always shave regularly in opposite direction.
    Better us shaving cream for lubrication.

  25. Bushy hair brings good AROMATIC smell in Men as well as in girls.
    Most girls say hair in armpit make them feel vomit but before they should examine their bushy arms .There is nothing wrong to groom dense armpit hair instead look manly to guys and attactive to girls.

  26. Yes, you are right : women all over the world should shave armpits, all look the same, dress the same fashion…
    So STUPID !
    China is one of the last countries in the world where women are still free to shave or not. But they will also probably become some pale copies of american/european women… Sad…
    But so good for people who sell razors !
    Armpit hair is not gross. Blind fashion followers are.

  27. U bitches make me sick! It’s bcuz of women like u that some women are being slaves. Slaves to the media, the fashion magazines, the “hour glass look”……How can u call yourselves women & put all these restraints on their freedom? A few decades ago, it was “unlady-like” to wear a skirt above ur ankles or to have political rights (VOTE). Now, it is “unlady-like” to have body hair.

  28. DON’T THINK OF idiotic FOOL.

  29. You lot are all body fascists, and who taught you pop-biologists anatomy and physiognmy? Of course women have hair under the arm, just like they have pubic hair – it’s there for a reason – so don’t say it’s not natural you just sound like a dimwit. If you don’t like it that’s different, but it’s also just an opinion and therefore not written in stone – or better yet not ‘written in blood’ (women’s blood that is – another thing that seems to disgust repressed women haters). BTW I do shave my pits more often than not but I occasionally let it grow just to freak slaves of patriarchally brainwashed men and women out and may consider going au naturel just to make a point. Good on Julia Roberts, she’s my hero(ine)….

  30. God gave armpit hair to people for a purpose!!!! What intrigues me is when I watch the the Indians of the Amazonian rain forest, none of the men and women have armpit hair. Do they naturally lack armpit hair? Or do they shave? They don’t even have toothbrushes, mush less a razor blade.

  31. I find it strange that people are so horrified by armpit hair…really strage it is…it is there afterall by natural design, and personally I find it hyper sexy on a woman, to die for actually. You guys don’t know what you’r missing.

  32. I shave my armpits everyday. And my preteen daughter will shave hers when her time comes.

    women, girls…shave your armpits. end of story!

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