Fuwah, very rude hor? Capitalise and somemore so long title. Who cares…………..

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the sweet lovebirds, loving married couples, squabbling lovers and sour grapes alike.

May you have a beautiful day today with someone you love. Or better still, with many people.

Me? I got an e-card from my atm, a box of chocolates at the stroke of midnight and I guess that makes me happy enough.

AND NOW…..ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls

today is the one year anniversary of chanlilian.net. I have many, many websites. Owned them long before I own chanlilian.net. But chanlilian.net is my heart, my soul and my true self.

On this Valentine’s Day and also my anniversary, I want to thank and sayang the following persons:

1) My darling atm for his endless supplies of cash for me to buy, buy and buy more domains. Also for never reading and quoting my blog. Well, I don’t know about the reading part but he never quote anything I wrote. Which I see as giving me a personal space. So that I can flirt with Ah Pek and his 120-foot yatch. LOL. Seriously, I am lucky ‘cos he never enroached into my private thoughts and I never bother him with what I had posted. Where to find such secure husband wor?

2) My kids for their enthusiasm in encouraging me to write and most of all, seeing the things that I never notice and urging me to share them. They are my number one fansi. What you see on this blog is partly their views.

3) My sisters, nieces, nephews and dunno who else for reading my blog and know when I am lying 🙂 (hey, I said so in my banner mah, 5xmom lies) and when I kembang seribu.

4) My dear, dear readers whom had stayed with me through thick and thin. For the times when I was wrong, they know when to keep quiet. For the times when I was right, they know when not to meddle. Your wisdom in knowing when to say and when to keep quiet is priceless.

5) My supporters who had flown in to help me out of tough situations. I love you guys for standing up for me.

6) The silent supporters (whom you don’t see commenting here but reading silently) who comforts me with private emails when they know I need it. A few of them are my brothers and sisters-in-Christ. God bless you all.

7) The lengjais and lengluis who read me eventhough my blog is way beyond their age group.

8) The jokers. Who brought tears to my ears when I laughed too hard.

9) My comrades, i.e. parents, women who are in the same league as me. Especially the fatt hatt silais! Hahaha. They are priceless because we lend each other the guts to crap.

10) My blog mentor. Well, this is the person who constantly reminds me to be humble, tactful, responsible and most of all, remain true to myself. I love you this much (stretch hands long-long) because you inspired me to blog and also never hesitate to knock my head when I deserve it.

Ewwwss…mushy enough or not?

I love you all! Hugs and muackss!

One year old toast to chanlilian.net!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! May this blog lives on to be 1001 years old. It has kept me going thru a lot especially lately, with your lively and down-to-earth bantering. Thanks for everyhing & keep up the fantastic job. Keep on making it ‘real’.

  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines day. Thanks for reminding me of fond childhood memories of Penang and teaching me new $%&*%!!!! words LOL

  3. Wahlau…this wan sound like Grammy Award speechlar. Minus all the producers, musicians n some ppl oso can forget to thank AMERICAN IDOL!! Lol :p *Alamak, sorry, out of topic liow…*

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHANLILIAN.NET!!! O, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary And Happy V Day. Hey! I must thank your “mentor” too! for without her there would be no blog yah? kekeke. And thank you for your thoughts you shared numbered 1 on this post. I shall borrow it too. Hehehe.

  5. Happy A&V. WOW! > 1000 entries in 365 days…errrr….that’s close to 3 blogs per day. Way to go, auntie.

  6. Happy anniversary chanlilian.net! May you grow in abundance of popularity!

    Happy valentine’s day Lilian…


  7. Happy Anniversary and Happy V Day!!!

    Started reading your blog after Dr Goh’s wedding and you are good, brought laughter and smiles everytime i read your blog….keep it up!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I’ll dedicate one Wong Fei Hoong Theme Song for this on my cybercast station.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll play that ‘Tin Loong Bart Bow’ (Sky Dragon Eight Part) mya ‘Marn Sooi Cheen Sarn Zhong Warng’ (10,000 Water 1,000 Mountain Vertical Horizontal) for you.

    Should you miss George Carlin, give me a ding. 😛

  9. doc – Wuah, if I listen more to George Carlin, I will start writing like him and in two weeks, I kena close down liao. Hahaha. Thank you, sifu.

  10. shopping mum, Pam, simon, Angeline, Madeline,
    Mozmonster, Aleanor, S_Kay, Mahagurusia,
    Prometeuz, sofhib, boo, Ah Bee


  11. may, athene, gbyeow, alex, yvy, lil patchee,
    SK, romantic, butt, plink,
    LB, Wu Ching, MamaBoK,
    egghead, ah pek, P

    Did I leave any names out? Hope not.

    Thank you!

  12. Hahaha Lilian, you see, when I clicked on the link, I didn’t read that particular posting all I saw was your chanlilian.net banner big big so I thot it was one of your practical jokes ler. So solly loh! You should link Doc direct instead. Kekeke.

  13. Happy Anniversary!! *And valentine’s too! Ur boy is soooo cuteee!!! nak cubit his muka Ha ha* Continue write write write and we’ll read read read 😀

    yc xxx

  14. Happy ONe year OLD CHanlilian.net!!! May you continue this wonderful blog site for my insanity living in the cold Northeast of the uSA and keeping me posted on all things dear to my heart, my hometown Penang!!!

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