iSad iNo iMac

If I am four years old, I will fall flat on the floor and screech till I get my iMac. But then, I am not four but fourty. So, I cannot kick up a fuss.

You see, a month’s back I went to Apple Centre and they asked me to wait till the new Mac OS leopard is out. So, I waited. Finally it is here. I went to the shop. They don’t have stock of the 20″ iMac. They say it will be next week until they get the next batch and will install the OS into the iMac. But, but, but….they also said, the new shipment will have the Leopard pre-installed so they asked me to wait. AGAIN! WTF! So, I have to wait again.

I dragged myself to the shop today because I thought I am finally going to get the iMac. But so sad, no iMac. (and don’t any smart aleck suggest MacBook Pro because that costs a farking RM7.9K ok? Don’t tok kok. And I don’t want a 24 inch iMac because my table is only 36 inches wide. Terence will look very un-hensem on a 24 inches monitor, that’s why. 😛 Pimples and all. )

So, feeling so sad because I didn’t get my iMac, I went shopping lah. Bought Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things.


Plus four pairs of earrings. I actually picked seven pairs.


Christmas is coming, so these cute little bells and crosses seem appropriate.


Bought another cross earrings. Because I am feeling very siao.


And another pair.


And another pair.

Still. iSad!

18 thoughts on “iSad iNo iMac

  1. Wow mum your getting am iMac?Cool!! Never been a fan of apple goods,not sure why! SIGHS!!
    I love the earrings, especially the first one with the bells and also the second to last one,pink one! Love it!!

  2. wuching- Dowan, iWant iMac! iWant!

    alex jai – Mana broken? I don’t notice wor. You faster go make new theme lah. Pink karer please.

    terence – Blek

    zyrin – The MacBook (the lower end laptop) has this different colours cover which you can pakai like a baju for the laptop. Got many colours lah.

    kew – Same wan, all from CG.

    cincau – I going to spam you liao. Cilaka!

    angeline – I got nothing else to amuse me so think of getting something new to play with lor.

  3. Lilian, if you add up all the money spent on things u buy when you sad or need retail therapy can buy MacBookPro anot? just wondering…

  4. rizlan – How much you think it costs me lah. LOL, only less than RM100.

    melvin – Tok kok lah, spend RM7.9K to open it up in Starbucks. LOL, I just want to try out Mac OS, not show off lah.

    carmen – Thanks!

    samm – Next week.

    bryan – I never buy from ebay wan, you teach me lah. Eh, better dun, later I got no money to masuk my bank, all spent.

  5. wahahaha… now i’m back after my torture relaxing weekend @ genting for my company’s team building event.

    kekeeke.. no need to be sad, just wait-lo. lately, apple has kena a lot of problems with their products, from funky iphones to crooked displays on both itouch/ipods.

    better wait than be sorry to be stuck with a buggy product. 😛

  6. The background image of the comments seems like overflowing ledi, try see it in firefox 2 and 1024×768 resolution.

    about the theme, hahahaha, tarak masa lahh taukenio. now damn busy wanna move shop ledi. see how la…maybe next year i release pink karer spesel edision for u…jajajaaj.

  7. walau-a, i know now you sure feel very pig cock already . haha. get a pro ma, suits your since you’re a pro blogger. somemore you can bring it to starbucks, show off you are blogging on a mbp

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