I wonder why my comments are declining….

Did I tell you that my blog is ranked #15 on the Top Malaysians’ Blogs? No? Never mind…it is not important to me, anymore.

Once upon a time, I used to be very kiasu about these sort of ‘Top Malaysian Blogs’ list and die die must see my blog ranks above all my enemies and bloggers I don’t like. Hahahaha.

Now, only Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi and Anwar Ibrahim are above me. The rest are all underlings…Die, you underlings…die. (the rest are kids’ bloggers or tech bloggers, not counted, ok?)

I suppose ranking doesn’t mean a thing anymore because I know, silently, out there people who matters most to me are silently reading and not commenting. It is nice to get a short remark or a short email, text messages or even just a quip when I meet the person that they know what I have been up to.

However, the danger is, my blog doesn’t represent me. I tend to get craziest when I am most depressed, sad or feeling blue. Some of my best/funniest/unique posts were written when I am at that state where die or not die also doesn’t matter, so I just spew whatever I want.

I am sure my course lecturer, Father Huan will tell me I have some serious anima/animus problems, lots of shadows hiding in there in the depth of the soul or even worse, I need to go for exorcism because the priest who baptised me probably missed my head when the rite of exorcism took place. LOL.

Back to this, “I know you are reading, but you didn’t comment because you think I know you are reading” syndrome, it is rather depressing, you know? You are reading or not ah?

Why lah, I get like only 3 people who drop their footprints lah? Sad lah….*strangle self with computer cable*

64 thoughts on “I wonder why my comments are declining….

  1. Does comment like
    “I’m first!!”
    pleases you?

    People are just getting lazier and lazier

  2. silent reader decides not to be silent for once =)I enjoy reading your blog posts. Think you are a very interesting person and a very cool mum =) *thumbs up*

  3. I’m the second commenter. I agree that you said “the danger is, my blog doesn’t represent me”. Writing an unique post and really represent your personality into it are the toughest challenge. But I salute you because you are able to set your own par amongst the best in the blog environment.

    Keep it up Lilian

    Marcellinus´s last blog post..Love may be strength…but it also a weakness

  4. ya im one of your silent readers too =D…your sons are sure damn lucky to have u as a mum ! Just keep doing what u believe in.

  5. mom u mao comment manyak manyak then u have to 5xrajin replying all of them to show that u do K 4 us 1

    we r children 2….lol

  6. Guilty as charged…have only commented twice since I accidently stumbled into your blog last year! And now? Malaysiakini used to be the first site I logon every morning, but YOU have taken over that #1 spot…you’re THAT GOOD! 🙂 You really crack me up and give me a much needed laugh especially when my %$#$#%* idiot of a boss pressure me with another stoopid deadline! I’m a mother of 2, so your parenting tips are great and if I do meet you (I’m frm Seremban anyway), I think I’d kow tow at you! Ha!

  7. jess – Silent no more! Cos when I get feedback, I get an idea what to write next. Otherwise, all diam-diam, I get nervous wei.

  8. LM – One thank you straight for you. Cos usually, I admit I lazy to reply comment cos I thot ppl don’t bother if I reply or not.

  9. aD – That ‘First!’ salah tempat lah. That one you must go kids’ blogs. Yalah, I also lazy to comment sometimes. Tks for the footprints.

  10. Yes, I am one of your silent readers. Everyday I enjoy reading your mail very much especially viewing the family and food photos. If I happen to meet you on the road I will definitely salute you.

  11. Hi Lilian,
    I thought I’ll drop a line to let you know I read your blog almost daily hehe..
    And have so for the last 6-7 months =]
    I was born in Penang in ’82 and my family moved to Australia when I was about 2.
    The last time I visited Penang was 3 years ago, for the first time in 12 years to visit my grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins.
    Sometimes when I read your blog, it brings comforting memories of me at my grandma’s place (in balik paulau) eating ice kachang with my cousins..hehe


  12. hellloooooooooooooooooooo auntie lilian, althought i am lazy to comment but when necessary i’ll jump out of the blue

  13. nah..here’s my right foot print to add to your collection.

    hmm…on 2nd thoughts..here’s my left foot print too just in case tak cukup 😉

    aiyah…we chinese no need say out loud wan lah…we luv u in our hearts roflol

  14. Sometimes nothing to say mah. Tiu!

    Who reads this crap anyway!!! Blek!!! LOL. *cabut* Still my default homepage you know! (But sometimes loads like tortoise)

  15. th_c – Wuah…you shy I can see the blushing cheeks or not ah?

    redbabe – Tks babe!

    ccc – ouch ouch ouch

    wmd – Hehehe, I attention seeking jek

    #1 Fansee – What slow lah? Go fark Streamyx lah.

    RO – Kamsiah. when you coming to Penang lah? Come lah.

    jess – *got a fright of jumping jess*

    Ria – Now that you mentioned, I got lots of videos on Balik Pulau which I haven’t find time to edit yet. I will do it soon, just for you, ok?

  16. I’m always laughing my a.out reading your blog… until my mum also want to know why…

    p/s. my mum send regards to you, say you very gau lar. I’m Chan Eillen’s neice also leh. Pls add me to facebook also ya… thanks!

  17. Lina – You are the air stewardess Lina? I saw you and your mom a while back, but I was scared to call her cos I bet she cannot recognise me LOL. Cos I tripled my size since she last saw me.

    princessladyjane – thank you from the bottom of my heart

    lingzie – I wrote to MPPP liao, cos you asked mah…LOL

  18. I am another silent reader of yours from Penang. 🙂
    I enjoy reading your food blog as i love food.

  19. I read ur blog while enjoying my ‘brunch’ daily one ler, don’t strangle yourself with comp cable lar, ganbatte…ganbatte…ganbatte!!!!

  20. “Hainam Mai”

    You have the extra balls to kick ass!
    I’m just wondering…. today your fans so supportive and encouraging… Mmmm tomorrow how? And the day after tomorrow how….?
    Enjoyed all your “RANTs”, keep it coming!


  21. Hi Lilian, my elder sis (love Lee Lily – as in fb you have added her already) is the stewardess gal, not me. I’m just your silent reader nia all these while 😉

  22. ‘allo ‘allo, another lazy silent reader here! i’m Catholic, too n i used to go to the Holy Spirit Cathedral in the late nineties. Love ur blog, milady,
    esp abt ur 3 handsome boys. i have 3 kids n i used to drive around Penang like a mad fool, too, those days – one for tuition lah, one for swimming classes la another one to kindie etc… Am in KL now n reading ur blog brings back gd memories. will try to comment more often, k. Thanks for the good reads. Bless u.

  23. I had been reading your posts for years, but seldom commented ever after I quit blogging.

  24. Mr. Kiasu!!!!!! – Wah, so happy to see you around. We went wayyyyy back ya? From Mr. Mango.

    kate – Hey Kate, thanks for telling me, I am so happy to hear from new people. Otherwise, I thought only all 3 people read. Hehehe, once in a while need a bit of boosting mah.

    rizlan – I miss your funny ideas and funny quotes lah.

    Lina – Ah..now I know.

    Charlotte – I will mail you the Kawan centre and tell you how to mail it? But please, only if the costs is not much and if you feel ok with it. I am sure the girls there will be thrilled.

    jo9001 – Regarding rants, it depends on whether got people annoyed me or not lor….Hahaha

  25. amelia – Tenkiu

    The Aminos – I am guilty of not visiting your blog often enough lah but thank you for coming by.

    Marisa – I wanted to strangle but my Apple mouse wire too short, cannot die LOL

    WS – Tks. 🙂

  26. I’ve long added you in Facebook. I read your blog daily cos we’re abt the same age and I can relate to your experiences. So here I am, take your count.

  27. hi hi! been reading your blog for more than 3 years. I first bumped into u at the breastfeeding forum, then graduated to your spicy blog! I love your daily blog, faith and recipe blog! Ganbatte!!!

  28. since so many silent readers came forward, I want too. reading your blog daily, without fail, wokay. reason no comments is scared i say wrong thing, nanti pissed off the sharp tongue 5xmom wei.. don’t want to be “famous” for the wrong reason.

    SY´s last blog post..95 markah

  29. Lilian, see got people read la! Just lazy to komen only.

    Once you mentioned, they quik quik reply…

    Sometimes I don’t komen because your article too chim for me la! Just read to enjoy will do. I like your Hokkien language class. Let us have more please.

  30. Hi Lilian,
    I’m also one of ur die-hard fan wor, keep up with the good post! Gambate!

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