Twitter Updates for 2009-09-11

  • Adoi lah…roti bawang + susu halia are giving me heartburn. Maybe I will go blog a long long post to wait to digest them. #
  • Die. Almost 11 pm n I am hungrrrrryyyy. I am going to sleep very late tonite so how to tahan? Cos I want to wake at noon tomorrow #
  • I tested the Nokia N97 last nite n I still can't get it out of my mind…The next Nuffnang cheque will go into that. #
  • Any contact for 2-3 rooms apt suite in Spore? Not too posh nor sleazy. Thinking of going during Raya holidays with the family. We got car #
  • RT @tianchua: Victim claimed was bitten on upper left arm, but video clearly shows his left hand was free (tian chua bite polis case) #
  • If you want to be famous, I know a place where you can go. But you gotta do it today or tomorrow….Blek, nvm.. #
  • Malaysian Chinese ought to go dig a hole and bury themselves with petty squabbling leaders like OTK n CSL. Oh wait, I am not a member #
  • is sitting down, opening excel n word n ready to do roster for oct to dec….argghhh 1,000 special requests to remember or else kena nagx100 #

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