Twitter Updates for 2010-01-03

  • Can't help whining abt skool bcos I hve done it since 1996.Same skool, jam, road, inconsiderate parent n bad women drivers! Nightmare again #
  • Maybe if I bring my camera, big tripod n tag, and tell myself I am making a video, I wl b less bitchy when caught in a jam or parents mob? #
  • Today…is the last….day I get to sleep late. Tomolo is ugly Malaysian parents day. I am going into the battlefield of 1st day of skool #
  • Looking at amt of melatah dan meletup reaksi, thank God I made the Catholics' response . Humility and grateful to God. #
  • Oh fuckit! I am not sure why my video didn't record LGE's comment on Dr. Porntip. But nvm, he oredi had too much airtime on #
  • Tiu lor, my Canon video cam setengah mati cos it auto zoom, I nid to hold on to the button or else it zoom LOL. #
  • Finally….I have a whole Sunday off tmrw. No churchie, no CJ but suddenly dunno what to occupy myself with. Beach? Mall? Hill? River? ZZZz #
  • Harimau mati, tinggalkan belang, manusia mati, tinggalkan nama. #
  • Wuah… Matthew on TV with CM Lim Guan Eng but I missed it! Ish! (tks sue for telling) #
  • "I am concerned that the issue can 'explode' if not handled wisely and with utmost care." For so centuries, tak letup punnn..ngape skarang? #
  • Fuyoh, 11K views already. I am soooooo happy. #

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