Wahhh….. (and no plastic bag reminder)

The other day I went to Hard Rock Cafe and there were these rows of posh cars belonging to the Selangor royalty. We were there early and the CM arrived late. So, we photographers/reporters pun camwhore lah while we were waiting.

This pic is taken by CM’s photographer, Satta (dunno how to spell). His photography damn cun, but of course, I darkened it a bit to make me fade into the black background so that I don’t look like a bulldozer in front of a Ferrari.

Ok, Penang folks, remember that from this year onwards, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are no plastic bag days at hypermarket and supermarket. And the smaller retail stores including mamaks have to observe it every Monday.

When I was in Paris, many years ago, we kiamsiap Penangites felt pain having to pay almost RM1 (equivalent) for a plastic bag. Now, in Penang, they charge only 20 sen and these 20 sens collected go to the Penang Partners Against Poverty. To-date the State said they had collected RM27,000 from the hypermarkets & supermarkets. So, it is actually 20 sen donated to the poor.

So, what we do is to keep all those shopping bags in our car, just in case.

But hor, Penang people si peh kiamsiap. Today, one guy bought like 12 cans of Anglia Shandy plus many other things. When the cashier told him no plastic bag, he wanted to ask the cashier to cancel the sales. WTF, the cashier said it will take a long time to do it. I stared at him. He refused to donate that 20 sen to the poor. And instead, he pushed the cans into his car. Sigh….

I know people may doubt if the hypermarket really donate the money and if the State gov really take the donation and give to the poor etc etc. But hey, can’t people just pay 20 sen for the convenience rather than ask for the things to be cancelled and go away empty handed, wasting their own time shopping?

The above is shopping bag which is sewn from those plastic banners. MPPP took down these banners and some folks wash it, cut it and sew into shopping bag. Quite durable and can store a lot of stuffs. I went shopping today with the orange bag. Lemme find out more details and maybe I go film how they do it. It is done to raise money for the poor as well.

8 thoughts on “Wahhh….. (and no plastic bag reminder)

  1. Err how to tapau Milo ais like that???? Should we also stop drinking with a straw????

    Anyway, I have been shopping with my RM4.99 Jusco bag since they launched it. After a while, ppl will get used to it lah.

  2. Tiu, you are supposed to ask me about my Ferrari lah. That one not considered plastic bag lah. Anyway, bring Tupperware. I promote Tupperware. No spill, no harmful chemical, safe.

  3. The future of life on earth, depends on our ability to take action, many individuals are doing what they can but the real success can only come by if there is a change in our society, our economy and in our politic, I have been lucky in my life time to see some of the great spectacles the world has to offer, surely we are responsible to leave for the future generations a planet that is healthy and habitable by all species.

    ppl need to change their mindset, their mentality.

    we certainly do not need any governing or any law to tell us how we best to protect this earth.

    this is a start, and PG cheng-hoo need to continue this campaign and educate ppl.

  4. Bryan – Whenever LGE go promote. LOL. I am trying to find the source to video and they are arranging for me. When I go, I buy a bunch lah. That day I told LGE, CM, go sew one with your face on it. He said, “Sure ha, you will carry it?”

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