Twitter Updates for 2010-01-08

  • RT @elizabethwong: Selangor MB will visit Assumption Church, Petaling Jaya following attempted attack. #
  • And they missed the point. This is not abt one newsletter, this is abt persecution, intolerance, injustice, domination and more. #
  • This is what happened when you give one 'kid' leeway n allows him to throw 'tantrum'. F.U. Now see what happened? #
  • I interviewed youths before and they say ..doh…. (video link) #
  • You know what we CJs can do? Interview our uncle mamaks who deliver the papers every morning. Is his business dwindling? #
  • Locall, NUJ said the same thing to local newspapers #
  • RT @ICFJ: Newspaper printers face jobs loss (BBC News): Up to 90 workers who print daily and weekly local … #
  • Abang2, Adik2 semua, besok kat Penang, protest mana satu masjid, pukul berape? Saya nak pergi video. Dah lama tak ada action drama dah #
  • I commit 2 big video filming/framing mistakes. Mr Teoh our sifu wl be so sad. I wanted the fortune cats… #
  • Can some top politicians pls have a sex scandal so tt I can go out n do interviews like "did you enjoy the sex? how many orgasms did u get?" #
  • Whoever abuse my video interview to diss the subject..may your balls shrink and fleas multiple but yr nails dropped off so you can't scratch #
  • My Canon videocam audio is damn cun. I can even hear myself scribbling on paper, fanning myself (cos no aircond) and fiddling with my pen. #
  • Hear what CM Lim Guan Eng said about the PICC project. #
  • Tadi I cover MPPP dgn CM punya meeting, eleh…I sorang je videographer, rasa kekok, kecut…3 soalan saya tinggal satu saya berani tanya #
  • RT @carribeanking7:Ever since RockyBru took over Malay Mail as editor, credibility lost ,circulation low, so desperate being given out free. #

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