Twitter Updates for 2010-01-10

  • I uploaded a YouTube video — LGE_HMs-1-1-1.mp4 #
  • Gud nite ppl.I am going to Georgetown Baptist at 8.30 tomolo to get vox pops. Then 10am to terrorise councillors with my camera. #
  • The hardest part of filming wl be the azan subur, dark lonely road, single child carrying heavy school bag walking to school.I lazy wake up. #
  • LOL I still remember Jimmy Leow was the 'headmaster', Khoo was the cool student and my kids were the opposing ones. #
  • When I was attending the CJ course in March 2009, I wrote an awesome script on heavy school bags. I think I can actually film it soon. Hepi! #
  • Nasib baik I tak yah cover manusia yg tak boleh senyum tu. Kalau tidak, I gantung camera masuk dapur tumbuk sambal belacan lagi best. #
  • Bukan I saja yg lupa adjust WB. Lagi ada, org dah panggil Mr. Prime Minister, layan la sikit bang. Kesian aunty Agnes #
  • Can our dear PM has more facial expression when talking n while he is doing tt, pls do some hands gesture too? Senyum lah sikit bang. #
  • ADun Air Putih memang rajin. Dia buat lawatan ke gereja Baptist di Reservoir Garden tengah malam. Nasib baik pastor sempat datang. #
  • Bwahahaha, the Christians hv their Santa visiting them in January. Hypocrites, all of them. #
  • Koh Tsu Koon met Catholic Archbishop find a resolution (elo KTK, which part of law u dun understand?) #
  • Just bcos one or two churches were attacked 1 Malaysia is said to be under threat. 1 Malaysia will not be in danger" #
  • Chewah, Lim Guan Eng tops the chart with 43K views on Allah issue Chan hai tark geh #
  • Napped fm 12 to 2.30pm. Even skipped filming police taking stmnt fm CM. Sleep comes first, CJ second. #
  • To those who tweeted rumours, read this. ISA wei. #

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