Teaching my little buaya

So….school was fun the first week. After the weekend holiday, my boy wasn’t so sure he likes school anymore.

On Monday night, I told him I need to go to Kulim because I want to attend the Thivasa prayer for Vela. (thivasa is a Hindu memorial prayer) My boy knows who is Vela because his son studies in the same school as my boy. I told him, “The boy’s papa died already. So, mommy wants to go attend the prayer. Won’t come to see you at breaktime.”

He gave me that forlorn looks. And mumbled, “I don’t know I can cry if I don’t see you at breaktime.” I knew it is bad news because he always do that to me. He won’t say outright, “Don’t go.” He will put on his heroic face and puppy eyes.

Come Tuesday morning, he looked unsure and said again,”I don’t know if the canteen auntie will give me spicy foods. How I eat ah?” So, I gave up. I didn’t go.

Therefore, I have sometime to kill after I went to visit him at the canteen at breaktime. It is a rather hectic week for me. This week, the headmaster had to tighten security due to all the firebombing attempts. Moreover, it is a missionary school, so we mommies were shoo-ed out and the gate is locked.

Each morning, I would dropped him. Then, head to the market to explore. I got home, prepare lunch with slow cooker. 9.40 am rush to school to see him at breaktime. 10.30 am kicked out of school and I have until 12.30 noon.

So, I went to cut my hair. Not enough time to colour. When I fetch him at 12.35 noon…

We had our usual routine. Hug lah, smell his hair lah, buy icecream, chat, got into the car etc.

After a while, I asked him, “Eh, do you notice mommy cut hair or not?”

He : Got.
Me : Got then why you never say anything.
He : Cut hair only mah
Me : Next time, when you see hot chics cut their hair, you must say something one. Like, “Oh….you did something to your hair? You look nice!”
He : But if they cut mohawk leh?
Me : Also must say one. You man mah, man must say these things one, you know?
He : You crazy ah? Cut mohawk so ugly, I somemore say pretty? I cannot tell lies one, ok?

I wish I recorded that on video. It is soooo priceless.

Then, I tried to wean him off from visiting him at the canteen at breaktime because it is tedious to drive up and down or hang around shopping mall, cake and coffee place, kopitiam and etc.

So, I told him again.
Me : Eh, tomorrow, mommy no need to see you at breaktime, can?
He : Why?
Me : Nothing lah. No need to see you lah, you got so many friends
He : What you do?
Me : I stay at home, prepare lunch for you lor.
He : HOR…..you no love me lah, stay at home
Me : But what if I have to go to Lim Guan Eng office to video? (I took him to Level 28 once because I was supposed to see YB Phee about some tiger thing)

He : HOR….you no love me lah, you love your video more lah.

And jeng jeng jeng…since it will be too difficult for me ALONE to drop one son at SXI, one at SX primary, hubby decided may as well don’t need to bother lah. (usually, I drop one, he drops one) So, we are hitching a ride to KL with him for a couple of days.

4 thoughts on “Teaching my little buaya

  1. my gal’s school very strict wan..only allow parents of year 1 students to visit during canteen hours for three days niah. aft that no matter how much u plea, stomp yr feet or beg on yr knees pun d jaga pintu wont blink an eye.

    dulu2 i bride d jaga with oranges lah, air tebu lah, even an angpow lah and whatnots pun no effect on him. some more scold me “Ah Soh! balik rumah lah”

  2. So good eh, still can go in after a week? My son is also in primary 1. The primary school my son goes to only allowed parents within the school compound the first 3 days when school started to help their kids get accustomed to their new school life.

  3. Good, good. Better teach him from young on how to compliment women. Reminds me also of an article that I just read about another important subject that mothers must teach their sons.

    Erh, about the last sentence *whispers* you mean “ponteng sekolah” ah?

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