A school underground – Sek. Jenis Keb (T) Azad

There is a tussle on who actually help this school to acquire the land. MIC and Gerakan said it is all BN’s credits and now, Pakatan Rakyat, especially DAP claimed the credit.

But, in my opinion, it does not matter who helped the most. It is already a shame that this school has been neglected, and so are all the Chinese, Tamil and Sekolah Agama Rakyat, plus the sekolah mubaligh or mission schools.

The school I visited yesterday was hidden in the basement of the clubhouse in the Indian Association in Jalan Bagan Jermal. There is a huge field which is a paintball field.

I find it amusing and cute to see school children in the cosy, neat and tiny classrooms. It is nothing like the regular school but more of a kindergarten where classes are held in a shared room. One needs to go down into the basement to find the school.

If BN insist it is their efforts in getting a new school building, care to tell me why this school was there for 25 years without a proper building? I bet they cannot answer this. So, please keep the noise to yourself.

As for Pakatan Rakyat, they won the election, they carry on what BN has done and did it better. So, there is nothing much to say further, isn’t it?

Lastly, I find it sickening that Barisan Nasional only comes out with goodies just before a by-election like what is happening in Hulu Selangor. Who are you kidding lah, DPM?

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said today that he did not come to Hulu Selangor in order to campaign for the coming by-election but in the same breath promised four new schools for the largest parliamentary district in the state.

Addressing some 500 teachers from the district who were gathered at the Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor, Muhyiddin said that one secondary school and three primary schools would be built.

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  1. Ya, what a pity for that Indian School. Everytime when kids told me they go to The Tamil School at Bagan Jermal, I always wonder where were it until the kids from Shan Home told me about it. Siapa lar tau there were a school there. BN good at talking but action …………… hai!!!!!!

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