Comfort zone

Few days ago, when I was high on adrenaline, I wrote to someone and told him the things I am dabbling with. He is always the reliable one. I told him because of all the stuffs I am doing, I had to skip the things we are expected to do. Every Sundays for the last 4 Sundays I had to be away and schedules and distances deterred me from doing anything which I can consider as ‘faith’.

He told me sometimes, we are trapped in this comfort zone if we are too focussed on doing things right. I.e. be there every Sunday, faithfully, doing what we are good in doing.

Last week, for the whole week, we have some special events. I wanted to go but somehow I didn’t manage to make it because I am either too tired, too busy and I was playing nurse to a diarrhea hubby.

However, I am so happy that today, our big boss of the ‘organisation’ preached almost the same thing. Get out of your comfort zone. Claiming you love Jesus is not enough. You got to go out and do something because we are all empowered.

When I got home, I picked up the Bible while waiting for my laptop to fire up. Usually, it takes like several minutes to get the computer running. While flipping through, I came across the faith of the centurion.

Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go! It will be done just as you believed it would.”

Today is Pentecost and as my years as a Catholic increases, I suppose I have more confident that God is with us by the very fact that we believe in Jesus Christ. When we stopped believing that, we have actually rejected the precious faith given to us freely by a loving God.

I treasure this words from my favourite priest “there is no yardstick to measure one’s faith…only what we do and how we live will testify to this. ”

And to those of you who may ask, “What is Pentecost?” Well, it is the day when the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Ghost) of the Jesus who died on Good Friday and ascended into heaven on Ascension, came down on earth in tongues of fire and ignite us Christians to share in His sufferings and glories.

When we are baptised, we are not only baptised with water, we were also baptised with the Spirit. The priest would place his palm on our heads and said, “Be filled with the Holy Spirit”. I remember that part vividly seven years ago when I was baptised. It was an overwhelming, warm rush of feelings. Every year, I will faithfully observe Pentecost to make sure that the fire never dies. If I cannot keep up with the life of Jesus, at the very least I can emulate St. Lillian, St. Nicholas Kitbamrung and St. Francis Assisi (read about them here)

So, Christians, are you too comfy in the comfort zone?