Twitter Updates for 2010-05-24

  • Time to battle with kiasu, kiasi parents in the streets of Penang..Everyone outta my path!!! I hvn't hv my coffee n I am grouchy! #
  • Anyone notices helicopter hovering at nite? My relative in Batu Uban said it shines into their compound. Why? #
  • i GAS, do you GAS? #
  • How many roti canai do u nid to fill stomach? I nid 2, inflation. #
  • CM at Pasir Gebu, Penaga #
  • I dunno how many thousands are at Pasir Gebu Penaga at Mat Sabu n @cmlimguaneng #
  • Satu padang dok tunggu @cmlimguaneng kat Pasir Gebu, Penaga #
  • Do u know what is 2nd awesome to the word G? God is 1, the other is GPS! Damn cool, lajak saja pun sampai jugak #
  • I am like the only Chinese in a field of PAS members at Pasir Gebu. Oh wow.. #
  • YB Salleh Man, Mat Sabu and all waiting for @cmlimguaneng arrival to open DUN Penaga svc cntr #
  • Kawasan Penaga #
  • Selamat sampai juga kat Penaga. Cantik betul bendang padi. #
  • Permatang Bendari on my GPS, checked. Directions given by Misha checked. Cuma tinggal…repot Lilian hilang kat bendang padi kekeke #
  • Georgetown #8 liveable in Asia, 62 in the world. #
  • News like this just make me thank God but also trust God in all we do or face My heartfelt condolnc to the parents #
  • is going on a marathon video session with warga emas n Mat Sabu tonite. Tralalala,hope I dun get lost in the paddy fields of Kepala Batas #
  • Lim was an equal to 'god-like' CMTaib Mahmud. But unlike them he had no entourage… FMT on @cmlimguaneng #
  • Grabbing quick lunch before home. Skip church lunch cos noo mood for socialising #

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