Why my blog is better than your blog, his blog, her blog, everyone’s blog!

Actually I missed my blognivesary. The day I started blogging. I started six years ago. From the humble beginning of a blogspot on October 23, 2004.

Six years ago, I wrote this :

Making love with the mop and broom (original link still online)

Yikes!!! I just realised that I am holding the hand(les) of the mop, broom and dustpan more than the hand of my man! Each night, these will be the last thing I do, each morning, these are the things that I look for. Throughout the day, I am also close to them. What is becoming of me???!!! Am I bordering on getting obssessive compulsive behaviour? I hope not.

OK, I am not such a neat person. I have a part-time helper to do the ‘real’ chores. But for a lazy bones like me, I realised that this is not healthy…. Oh no…. I musn’t domesticate myself so much. I am losing it. But one cannot help it when one have 4 kids who make constant mess, stains, spills, puddles…. So, I ended up making love with the mop, broom and dustpan or else the ants will come marching in one by one (oh dear, I am hearing the Barney song in my brains) and my lil baby will get so many ants’ bites. So many tiny red dots that I am beginning to feel ashame of myself when I bring him out.

So, how does a woman balance the domesticate front and the ‘I want to be an independent woman!’ role? I don’t want to live with brooms and mops! I don’t want to get intimate with sticks like these. This is so un-me. This is so un-cool. But… this is so necessary.

BTW, that blog is still alive because I use it to stuff a lot of paid posts every week. I am very enterprising, eh?

So, why is my blog better than yours, or his, or her or anyone else?

Because I said so.

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  1. I spent some time reading your blogspot archives (october and november 2004)…so chi keik la all ur posts…the messages are all timeless and evergreen.

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