Those silly people worrying about their privacy on Facebook

Excuse me!!!! Gotta rant.

Some months back, I was at some Korean BBQ place and there was this group of office people having their gathering. So, as usual, I eavesdropped. I am a blogger so I must constantly look for bloggable materials, ok?

There is this guy who was like a little bit smarter amongst the group of females. And he was boasting away about how clever he is dealing with Facebook privacy. Of course, whatever he was telling the women are just pure bullshits. Yet, those clueless women were so engrossed.

I was about to stand up and tell him to shut up and stop fooling fools. He was scaring them with how Facebook can gather information about us, us it against us, puts up advertisement that are tailored for us and bla bla bla and yadda yadda yadda.

In the first place, who ask you to be so stupid to go and post your phone numbers, real address and real details on the Facebook? In fact, if you are paranoid, you shouldn’t be online in the first place.

Then, there are those who wanted to show off their ugly faces and yet, worry that people will lure them into sex and part with their money. To those women who were conned off their life savings, all I can say is stupid women like these will get conned anywhere anyway anytime, so it doesn’t matter if it is on Facebook or at some Ah Hua bar or even the kopitiam. They are gullible, silly and desperate. So serve them right.

Facebook has several settings for privacy and if you are too dumb to set it, then, you too deserve to be cheated, stalked and discovered.

All I can say is silly people will always be conned anywhere. So, stop being so paranoid about Facebook stealing your information. If you don’t post it, there is nothing to steal.

Fools. And yes, stalking people, finding out who are the wife, children, occupation, education is fun on Facebook. Come on, admit it, you do that too? Don’t you take a peek at who is the wife and if the wife is pretty and is she interesting or something like that?

On my Facebook profile, I have information that I want people to know. And I have information that I prefer not to reveal. Like my university is Bo Thak Chek (no education), my employer is ciak ka ki (cari makan sendiri). Simple, right?

And I don’t go play games and post Youtube videos all day long on my Facebook because the boss will know you are slacking during working hours. Actually, we aren’t suppose to have social networking sites but the nature of my job is to pump the boss’s social networks so I gotta have it hence I get it.

Still, I berani tanggung whatever I spew on my own Twitter and Facebook accounts. Like I once said, the boss can pay me to work but they cannot pay me not to speak my mind. The most is I lost a job. The worst is when I don’t have a voice and have to lose my individuality, identity and dignity. Roti and capati.

So, folks, stop being so paranoid. Facebook steal your data? So what? Scared of getting hunted down? You can even get acid splashed by pyschos on the street, what is there to be scared somemore?

Of course, don’t be stupid to be all emo on your Facebook like how I notice some wives ranted about their bad husbands. Or be the despo girls who whore themselves with those cutesy Japanese doll looks etc. Be real, at least if no one likes you, you know. Rather than fool yourself with fake lashes, pouty lips and get a bunch of stupid horny Ah Bengs to try to ‘khau’ the fake you. Gah, I have seen enough of fat girls trying to hide their flabs, ugly girls trying to look cute with funny angle photos and etc. Girls, take a look at yourself in the mirror and like yourself first before you expect others to like you.

With that, The Obnoxious 5xmom fades in a mist of pink haze and grins at how many people she just pissed off.

5 thoughts on “Those silly people worrying about their privacy on Facebook

  1. japanese doll look.. I know which blogger.. That pathetic Jap wannabe short short model.

  2. .kiasuism and bitchism …we sees it on facebook everyday…this people is so naive..come on, there are millions of facebooker…if ever any random person is hacked…than it is like striking lottery….

    privacy…haha another issue…some people are so dumb they don’t even know what it is or they are too lazy to read instruction…:)
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